We want to see something greater Zlatan!

Thursday 10:06 AM, 13/11/2008
We want to see something greater Zlatan!

Lovely view

Lovely view



This is the new home of Inter Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Cernobbio in Italy, which he will rent for 80.000 euro a year. He is going to live there with his girlfriend Helena Seger and their two sons Maximilian and Vincent. The house has a fantastic view but we expected something greater, it's not exactly a Hollywood mansion!
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vildana(non member) 1
05/12/2008 7:32 PM
zlatan we love you you are great....but you are a
bosnian and your sons name are maximilian and
vincent....oh my god

dr roli(non member) 2
06/12/2008 1:50 PM
zlatan are the best player ....but why you don,t
play for bosnian???

danak u krvi(non member) 3
29/03/2009 7:35 PM
na danasnji nacin

Zlatan(non member) 4
03/06/2009 1:42 AM
beacouse im not bosnian im croatian..

hm(non member) 5
26/03/2012 7:03 AM
jeste Vi pojedini Hrvati govna, pa Zlatan je
nudjen Bosni da igra za nju a sto BiH repku
sacinjavali su idioti sami smo krivi, zato
Zlatan(non member)
03/06/2009 1:42 AM NAJEDI SE
Otidji na www.aftonbladet.se pa
pogledaj sto misli o Bo

hm (non member) 6
26/03/2012 7:05 AM
pogledaj na www.aftonbladet.se sta misli o
Hrvatskoj a sta o Bosni nikad nije spominjao
Hrvatsku niti da je Hrvat i uvjek kaze ja sam
Bosanac i Swed!

hm(non member) 7
26/03/2012 7:07 AM
This above me with a lie because Nick Zlatan
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is pleading that the Bosnian
and SWED half half

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