Zandra Rhodes

19 September 1940, Chatham, Kent, England
74 years

Zandra Rhodes is a British fashion designer. She studied at both Medway and then at the Royal College of Art. Zandra Rhodes designed clothes for princess Diana and other royalties and celebrities. She was a Guest Judge on one episode of "Project Runway".

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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 10:48 AM, 22/03/2010
8. Mischa Barton's fashion has been a bit hit and miss lately and we have to say this cutesy little look she put together for a charity event last week is a miss for us. Especially her too-blonde hair with that hairband and we think those jeans are totally unflattering for her curves! 7. Okay so we have to give Nicole Richie fashionista points for wearing an iconic Missoni print dress to the label's boutique opening this week, but we really wish she had chosen colours that suited her skintone. We think those yellows and browns make her look a bit sick! 6. Holly Valance has been to enough red carpet events by now to know that a dress should always fit properly, otherwise, no matter how trendy the colour or the look, it willl always end up looking a mess. What a pity! 5. Oh no J.Lo! Jennifer Lopez fans will know that she likes dressing up in "characters" for events. We don't understand what inspired her to wear something out of an Austen Powers' movie, but we are happy she didn't wear the white disco boots to match! Still, not a great look for her at all! She should definitely know better! 4. We would love Helena Bonham Carter's strange style so much more if she wore it with more confidence! She looked her usual nightmare self at the French premiere of her new movie "Alice in Wonderland" this week. She always looks so scared! 3. Whoops! We are sure Jennifer Love Hewitt is trying to look her best after her recent breakup with Jamie Kennedy and the new hairdo was probably meant to help with that. But in this retro-inspired lace dress and the styling of the hair, she has made herself look much older and less attractive. Fail! 2. Another bad fitting offense! British actress Suranne Jones got it all wrong in London this week in a dress that didn't suit her body shape and ended up looking like a sack on her. We don't even like the print  on this one! 1. Ok we know fashion designer Zandra Rhodes is known for her crazy colour printed dresses and her even more crazy style, we even like her pink hair. But does she really have to make herself look like a transvestite to make a fashion statement? We think there are more interesting ways to be fashion forward!
Ooh its been a quite a week for bad fashion! Again this week, we have a bunch of celebs trying to be trendy and fashion forward without thinking about what flatters their bodies, or what is appropriate for the event they are attending. For some reason a lot of Brits got it wrong this week, Helena Bonham Carter and Zandra Rhodes were kind of obvious choices, but still fun to look and this week's biggerst disappointment? Fashionista Nicole Richie in Missoni! but who was the worst of the worst? Find out below!


Who is your choice?

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This Weeks 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 3:01 PM, 14/06/2009
8. Singer Dolly Parton likes to dress up in pink! But some colour in her face wouldn't hurt! 7. Who could imagine that Howard Stern is a well-payed radio personality. These clothes compose a true fashion disaster! 6. This was a major low-point for Carmen Electra! 5. Where did British designer Vivienne Westwood find this horrible jacket? She probably made it herself! 4. Poor Sharon Stone must have picked up that worn jeans are trendy, but she obviously didn't understand the updated look! 3. Zandra Rhodes is another British designer who collapsed this week. Help! 2. Adam Lambert is a multi-talented young man but fashion is quite obviously not one of his talents! 1. THIS WEEKS WORST DRESSED Audrey Kitching is an "alternative" model, but we don't predict a bright future for her...
Once again, we bring you a new list full of fashion disasters. Some of our beloved celebs are in desperate need of style tips. This week, surprisingly, are designers Lulu Guiness and Vivienne Westwood. Carmen Electra is another major flopped celeb on this week's list. The winner is a girl who is working towards becoming a supermodel. But it doesn't look too promising....


Who do you think was this weeks worst dressed?

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