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Katy Perry's Latest Single - Hit or Miss?

Monday 6:35 PM, 26/07/2010
The album art by NYC photographer Will Cotton - pretty!
Katy Perry has been a busy lady! This past week she released the album art for her new album "Teenage Dreams" which is due out on the 24th of August, but for those who are too excited to wait that long, she released the title track "Teenage Dreams" single this weekend. So we want to know what you think! Here is the song and the album art. Share your thoughts! (Source:PopGeneration)
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Teenage Dreams:

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Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz Go Wild!

Monday 5:30 PM, 26/07/2010
Ooh, beaten by a second! Look at those abs! Daredevil much?
When Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise were guests on the British hit show Top Gear last Thursday things went a little crazy! Cameron showed off her abs and Tom divulged that he threw up several times while flying airplanes for the movie Top Gun. But the most suprising thing of all was when Tom Cruise almost got himself killed in a car race with Cameron! His car almost flipped over when turning, but it seems the dangerous stunt ended up paying offf, because he beat her by a second!

Check out Toms daredevil turn in the gallery and watch the show here:
Part one
Part two
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Taylor Momsen Busy Rocking Out!

Sunday 12:41 PM, 25/07/2010
Taylor's stripper shoes, complete with one dollar bills in the platform! How cool is Taylor? Scary... Taylor flips the bird at the crowd like a real rock star!
While Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and the other Gossip Girl stars film scenes for the new season of the TV-show, Taylor Momsen is busy touring with her rock band The Pretty Reckless! Yesterday the band played at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in Florida as a part of Vans Warped Tour and as usual Taylor was barely dressed while she rocked out on stage! Check out the interview below to hear the band talk about life on the road!
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Kesha Can Rock It Out!

Friday 8:09 PM, 23/07/2010
Boom! Wow! Look at her go!
New pop sensation Kesha played live at a concert in the Staples Center in Los Angeles last night and she totally showed what she is made of! The rock-chic look she wears is not just a style for show, this girl really knows how to perform! She even got on the drums at one point during the show and beat it good! What a little rock star!
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Aspiring celebrity musicians!

Thursday 5:00 PM, 22/07/2010
Nicole Richie - Dandelion Hayden Panettiere - Wake up call Scarlett Johansson - Relator Heidi Montag - Higher Leighton Meester - Your love's a drug
Haven't we all dreamt of being pop stars at one point or another? If you have you're certainly not alone, the same goes for some of today's celebrities! We've picked out 6 songs sung by 6 famous young ladies and it's up to you to decide who rocks the beat the best!

Click the pictures to get to the songs!


Who do you think is most likely to have a successful music career?

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Selena Gomez' Favourite Food!

Wednesday 8:25 PM, 21/07/2010
Selena Gomez went on The Late Show with David Letterman last night and she was adorable as usual. Fans will know that Selena is from Texas, the home of fried food, so its no wonder she loves everthing deep fried. Find out what her favourite fried snack is in the clip below!
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