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Bar Refaeli knocks out all the other models in new ad!

Sunday 11:48 AM, 04/01/2009
Leonardo DiCaprio sure is one lucky man! Above is a recent picture of his girlfriend Bar Rafaeli in the new ad for Hurley Clothing. Now what is the thing with Leonardo getting all the hottest models? It must be his Titanic-moves or something... Here is anyway interview with the beautiful Bar Rafaeli:

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Katy Perry splits with her bad boy McCoy!

Saturday 9:11 PM, 03/01/2009
Those were the days...
Bombshell Katy Perry has now split with Gym Class Heroes singer Travis McCoy after their holiday in Mexico over New Year, according to Celebuzz. "We fight every night, now that's not kosher. I reminisce with bliss of when we were closer. And wake up to be greeted by an argument again. You act like you're ten," wrote McCoy on his personal blog. After his first post, Travis followed up with a sentiment of love for his own computer, saying, "My Laptop is my new bitch. LOYAL. LISTENS. and NEVER LET'S ME DOWN." Well, we don't think Katy Perry will have any difficulty with finding herself a new bad boy!
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Celebrities finally locked in!

Saturday 3:44 PM, 03/01/2009
Ulrika Jonsson in a good mood!
Big Brother's "hunk"! Recognizing him...?
They have finally locked in the celebrities together! Ulrika Jonsson was the first person to enter the Big Brother House, Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire. One candidat will have to leave every day and the last man standing will be the winner - after 100 days. For you not knowing what Big Brother is, here is a video clip from last season, except it's without celebrities:


Would you participate in Big Brother if you were asked?

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John Travoltas' son dies in Bahamas!

Saturday 1:13 PM, 03/01/2009
Kelly Preston, wife of John Travolta, walked with son Jett during a Hawaiian vacation with the family. Jett suffered a seizure at his familys vacation home at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he died on scene. Jett had a history of seizures. Travolta has said that his son suffered from Kawasaki Syndrome. This is how it sounded on CNN today:

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Elisha Cuthbert takes over Project Runway!

Friday 11:10 PM, 02/01/2009
It has now been decided that the fashionista and actress Elisha Cuthbert is going to take part of Project Runway Canada. Elisha Cuthbert is going to be a guest judge. The design program's host is of course the supermodel Iman. Here is a peek from last season:

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On vacation

Does Jared Leto have a new Girlfriend for the New Year?

Friday 12:03 PM, 02/01/2009
Who's that blonde girl? His clothes are questionable...
Jared Leto showed off his unique interpretation of beachwear while on holiday in Miami, Florida. The popular rocker and actor was spotted hanging and strolling with some friends taking it easy before the big New Years Eve celebrations was about to begin. Leto was also seen with a mystery blonde following closely behind him, and witnesses say the two were spotted holding hands earlier the same day. Perhaps Leto is starting off the new year with a new relationship? Only time will tell.

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