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Britney Spears tops the lists!

Wednesday 11:17 PM, 31/12/2008
After some really hard work, she sure is incredibly fit!
What a comeback!
Britney Spears ranks no.1 for the year in USA TODAY's Celebrity Heat Index which measures exposure in print and online entertainment new outlets. The pop star also topped the list in 2007. Britney took the top spot 11 weeks year and this is with doubt a world record! Britney Spears was exposed at most as soon as a new song was launched or when she went completely mental. However, as we have written before, it seems as if those days are over and we really wish Britney all the luck! She is actually tipped to be the most successful artist of 2009!

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What a babe!

Beyonce wins for best song!

Wednesday 12:38 PM, 31/12/2008
Beyonce wins for best song!
Bootylicious... Single ladies? Jump!
The American Rolling Stone Magazine has listed the hundred best songs of 2008. The one who reached the top was R&B-diva Beyonce Knowles. Her song "Single ladies" won over "LES Artistes" from Santogold. Did the right song win? You can listen to the song here and watch the parody Justin Timberlake made on her video:

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Knocked up

Chyler Leigh keeps it coming!

Tuesday 9:39 PM, 30/12/2008
Grey's Anatomy actress Chyler Leigh is now expecting her third child! According to PEOPLE, her rep told them: "They are absolutely thrilled and looking forward to the new addition to their young family." Leigh's pregnancy will not be written into the Grey's storyline however, according to her rep Marcel Pariseau.

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Cool guy

Peace out Kanye!

Tuesday 5:39 PM, 30/12/2008
Peace out Kanye!
Peace out Kanye! Cool!
Kanye West enjoyed this Monday afternoon by taking a meal at Houston's restaurant in Century City, CA. Kayne who has had a bad experience with the paps before, was actually surprisingly very nice and even gave a pear sign to the shutterbug as he made his way to the valet. Does Kanye want peace? It sure seems so... Either way, he wore a really cool red jacket, special designed from Moncler!

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Excuse me?

Jonas Brothers revealed their deepest secrets!

Monday 10:22 PM, 29/12/2008
Nick Jonas has now revealed his biggest dream: marriage. The singer tells us that he usually lie awake in bed for hours discussing his plans for a family with older brother Joe. "When Joe and I lie in our bed and we can't fall asleep because of all the time changes, that's the kind of thing we talk about." Although Nick only is 16 years old, he sure isn't afraid of commitment and wants to settle down. He even confesses that he could actually let down the music for a family, "Music is important, but family is most important." Oldest brother Kevin told Sunday Magazine that he is looking for the perfect girlfriend, "someone who wears nice clothes and can put themselves together. Even if she is going to the beach she might put a flower in her hair." Ha ha, maybe on the first date but otherwise it's a bit too much, isn't?


Would like to date one of the Jonas Brothers?

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Knocked up

Is Mary-Kate pregnant?

Monday 12:07 PM, 29/12/2008
According to sources, Mary-Kate Olsen is pregnant! After have put on weight, everybody has begun wondering whether she is expecting or not. "Mary-Kate is a bit heavier than usual and she has been dating Nate Lowman for a year now", says the source. "She is so happy with Nate and so excited of being able to start a family with him", according to Female First. Past away Heath Ledger, who stood her very close, is said to have inspired her a lot to this. Pssst! Do you remember Mary-Kate's start in the Hollywood business?

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