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Video! Here's The First Trailer For One Direction's 3D Movie!

Tuesday 8:39 PM, 12/02/2013
How adorable were they?! "I've always wanted a baby brother, now I have four of them!"
Hey Directioners out there! We know you can't wait to see the upcoming movie 1D in 3D about One Direction, but now we have the pleasure of ...READ MORE ▶
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Check Out The Trailer For Zac Efron's New Movie!

Sunday 8:03 PM, 20/01/2013
Zac Efron seems to be a busy guy! Yesterday we saw him shooting some scenes in Central Park with Imogen Poots and now the trailer for his new movie At Any Price has hit the internet . We must say we're looking forward to seeing this movie. What can we say, a sexy Zac Efron looking all sweaty and driving fast cars can hardly go wrong!

Check out the trailer below!

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Toplist! 10 Fun Random Facts About Cody Simpson!

Thursday 7:04 PM, 10/01/2013
He got his first guitar and started taking guitar lessons when he was seven, and wrote his first song at that age. The first two sentences of the lyrics were: "I bought some chickens, I changed their diapers"! We'd love to hear the whole song! At the age of 11, Cody managed to persuade his parents to let him upload some videos to YouTube to see what everyone thought of them. And after a while, when Cody still only had a few subscribers, producer Shawn Campbell found him! In 2010, Cody signed a 4-album record deal with major label Atlantic Records and his first single, iYiYi featuring rapper Flo Rida was released on June 1st, 2010! Cody's grandfather initially did not want him to go into the music business because he had heard a lot of stories about artists ending up using drugs. We hope Cody never will! He loves Italian food - have that in mind if you ask him out on a date! His favorite city is New York City! He's close friends with Kylie Jenner, known from Keeping up with the Kardashian's. They are said to have dated briefly in the past! Imagine him being a part of the Kardashian family?! He was inspired to make music because he saw his dad play the guitar at backyard barbeques! He's got a younger brother and sister, Tom and Alli. His parents' names are Brad and Angie - but no, they're not Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie...
Hey guys! We all know how much you love Cody Simpson and since it's his birthday tomorrow, we decided to celebrate him today already by giving you ten fun and random facts about him! Do you think you know everything about him? Think again! Click on the pics to read all about him!
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Extreme Cute Alert! Check Out Justin Bieber's New Commercial!

Wednesday 11:57 AM, 28/11/2012
"If I was your boyfriend..."
OMG! This was EXACTLY what we needed a dull day like this. Justin Bieber's new "Girlfriend' fragrance ad is out, and it's like the cutest ever. The...READ MORE ▶
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One Direction's Liam Payne On Solo Career And Dating Leona Lewis!

Tuesday 8:05 AM, 27/11/2012
He's not leaving 1D!
There has been plenty of rumors around One Direction star Liam Payne lately, on how he's all set for a solo career and that he's dating singer Leon...READ MORE ▶
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Watch Miley Cyrus Debut In Two and a Half Men!

Saturday 9:50 AM, 13/10/2012
Fianlly! The first clip of Miley Cyrus in Two and a Half Men has just been released. Miley tweeted out to her fans “Here’s the 1st look at my appearance on@TwoHalfMen_CBS!” and we can't wait until we get to see the entire episode, which will be airing next Thursday.

Watch the clip below and tell us if you're excited about Miley joining Ashton Kutcher and the rest of the cast! (gossipcop)

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