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Legendary Singer Rushed to the Hospital!

Wednesday 8:28 AM, 01/04/2015
The legendary singer songwriter Joni Mitchell, 71, was yesterday rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after she was found unconscious in h...READ MORE ▶
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Taylor Swift Performs With Her Big Hero - Madonna!

Monday 11:26 AM, 30/03/2015
About two months ago Taylor Swift, 25, freaked out on Twitter after she had gotten a compliment from her big hero, Madonna.

During yes...READ MORE ▶
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Check Out the New Trailer for Entourage!

Saturday 6:47 PM, 28/03/2015
The new trailer for Entourage is finally here! We can't wait for the movie to come out!
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Watch the First Trailer For the Upcoming Mission Impossible!

Monday 5:06 PM, 23/03/2015
The first teaser trailer for Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation was finally released yesterday and it looks as if it's going to be a great a...READ MORE ▶
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Check Out When Justin Bieber Pranks Ellen DeGeneres Audience!

Thursday 8:31 AM, 19/03/2015
Justin Bieber, 21, has almost become a regular at the Ellen DeGeneres show and that is a good thing as he's one of the funniest guests to ha...READ MORE ▶
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Watch the X Factor Bullying That the Entire Internet is Buzzing About!

Wednesday 3:01 PM, 18/03/2015
Watching an X Factor jury dismiss a contestant is nothing new and it's also part of the game. However, they're taking it way too far.

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