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Watch Christina Aguilera's Fantastic Impression of Britney Spears!

Wednesday 11:34 AM, 25/02/2015
Christina Aguilera, 34, recently went on Jimmy Fallon, 40, and his Tonight Show. When it was time for Aguilera to play "Wheel of Musical Imp...READ MORE ▶
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News Anchor Looses it Completely Live on Air!

Saturday 6:11 PM, 21/02/2015
News Anchor Looses it Completely Live on Air!
Karl Stefanovic is a famous TV personality in Australia and he’s often struggling to keep a straight face. This time he isn’t alone – his co-host L...READ MORE ▶
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Dakota Johnson Makes David Letterman Blush With Unexpected Question!

Thursday 3:14 PM, 19/02/2015
The star from Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson, 25, went on the David Letterman Show earlier this week and during the interview she mana...READ MORE ▶
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Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon Doing the Jumbotron Dance!

Wednesday 11:32 AM, 18/02/2015
Taylor Swift, 25, went on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week and as always she was being awesome.

This time they had...READ MORE ▶
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Hot Pursuit - The First Trailer is Here!

Sunday 8:02 PM, 15/02/2015
The first trailer for the comedy Hot Pursuit is finally here! The movie features both Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara and judging by the trailer it looks promising!
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This is Why Keanu Reeves is the Most Humble Hollywood Celebrity!

Friday 3:48 PM, 13/02/2015
There are tons of stories about why Keanu Reeves is the most humble celebrity in Hollywood.

He has donated millions to charity and...READ MORE ▶
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