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Sunday 2:37 PM, 20/03/2011
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It seems Wyclef Jean's controversial presidency campaign in his home land Haiti made quite an impact on its habitants, because when visiting the country earlier in the week to lend his support to presidential candidate Michel Martelly, he was subject to attempted murder! Last Sunday around midnight Wyclef's car was prepped with bullets when driving through Port-au-Prince. With him in the car was fellow rapper Busta Rhymes and record executive Jimmy Rosemond.

They were unbelievably lucky and managed to escape without serious injury, but Wyclef did get hit in his right hand. He had the gun wound treated at a local hospital and is according to his management okay and on his way to recovery. Scary! Things could have gone really badly, and just imagine if Wyclef's wife and children had been with him in the car! He would probably do best in staying clear of Haiti for a while until the presidency elections are over.
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