Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean
Wyclef Jean is an American rapper, producer and guitarist who was a member of the band The Fugees along with Pras and Lauryn Hill in the nineties. He speaks fluent French. Wyclef has worked as a taxi-driver.
Oct 17 1972 in La Plaine, Haiti

Wyclef Jean

Jun 21 2013 1:30 PM

Wyclef Jean Denies The Rumored Collaboration: "Who The Hell's Amanda Bynes?"

A while ago, Amanda Bynes reveald that she would be releasing an album with Wyclef Jean's help...

Mar 3 2012 9:43 AM

Will Wyclef Jean Ever Do Some New Music!

We spotted Wyclef Jean when he was out and about in Manhattan...

Mar 20 2011 2:37 PM

Wyclef Jean Shot In Haiti!

It seems Wyclef Jean's controversial presidency campaign in his home land Haiti made quite an impact on its habitants, because when visiting the country earlier in the week to lend his support to presidential candidate Michel Martelly, he was subject to attempted murder...

Sep 22 2010 4:42 PM

Wyclef Jeans gives up on his presidential dreams!

Fame and money can get you just about everything, except a presidential title it seems...

Aug 7 2010 10:28 PM

Sean Penn Slams Wyclef Jean's Presidential Bid!

As you may already have heard R&B singer Wyclef Jean is going to run for president in Haiti's next presidential election and even though he's sure to get quite a few votes, not everyone is impressed...

Feb 17 2010 10:16 AM

The New We Are The World Song - Hit or Miss?

As everyone knows by now, the huge hit song from the 80's "we are the world" written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, was remade this year to help the people of Haiti...

Feb 8 2010 1:17 PM

Stars Spend Superbowl Helping Haiti!

While lots of stars were out partying for the superbowl this weekend, a dedicated group of hot music stars held another live telethon for Haiti to help the people who are still suffering there after a series of huge earthquakes...

Jan 22 2010 1:13 PM

Hot Celeb Lineup for MTV's "Hope For Haiti" Telethon!

Wow, George Clooney is one of those stars who really can do anything when he puts his mind to it...

May 15 2009 4:09 PM

Who did the best ad campaign?

Yesterday we showed you some of the hottest female celebrity ad campaigns we have seen and now it is time to show off the sexy men...

Apr 24 2008 5:04 PM

Mischa Barton to present Best Movie Star award at MTV Australia Awards!

Mischa Barton has been trying to avoid the spotlight since she was arrested for DUI but was photographed yesterday arriving in Sydney...