Top 10! Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

This week the stars went nuts for silly fashion choices. Audrina Patridge matched her very fake spray-on tan with a wide leather skirt, #angela_simmons showed off her underwear and Nicki Minaj pulled off a Pink tiger jumpsuit. Fashion disaster de luxe! Click on the pictures to check out this week's Worst dressed celebrities!
Audrina Patridge black floppy leather skirt loose top long brown wavy hair heels pumps
1. Worst dressed celeb of the week goes to... Audrina Patridge! We are not a fan of her wide leather skirt and pointy low pumps. Her fake tan is too much as well!
Nicola Roberts red blue white hokey shirt heels long wavy blonde red hair
2. Girls Aload singer Nicola Roberts is wearing an ice hockey shirt and.. well, nothing else! It does not look cool with bare legs and heels. A pair of Jeans and some sneakers would have been more suitable.
Angela Simmons underwear white knitted long dress yellow clutch bag long dark brown black hair heels
3. No, no #angela_simmons! We don't wanna know what your black underwear looks like underneath your sheer dress.
Richard Simmons red curly hair loose nude tank top silver bracelets funny glasses
4. No comments, Richard Simmons.......
Nicki Minaj pink tiger bodysuit mini denim shorts white tank top black print long blonde wavy hair
5. Nicki Minaj has transformed into a Pink tiger, eh?
Jessica Biel long sleeve leopard dress black waist ribbon long brown hair bangs heels handbag
6. This long sleeved leopard dress is simply too boring on Jessica Biel.
Jessica Alba long loose black skirt vest top grey leather handbag red sunglasses sandals long brown hair
7. Jessica Alba, where is your fun colorful wardrobe today? All black and loose fit is such a shame on you!
Janina Gavankar long brown wany hair yellow blue orange sleeve tunic
8. True Blood actress Janina Gavankar is wearing a window-in-sunset-pattern?!
Candace Cameron Bure yellow skirt blue black white patterd short sleeve top blonde curly hair heels with ankle cluffs
9. Full House actress Candace Cameron Bure's top is not so cool and her matching with a yellow skirt and ankle cuffs does not make sense! Not at all!
Jordana Brewster long pink white flowery dress brown wavy hair clutch bag heels
10. We love Jordana Brewster but thing long flowery number is not fun enough! The stretchy top part makes the dress look cheap and boring.
Published Aug 7 2012 7:02 PM
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