Top 10 Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

Hey guys, what went wrong this time? This week we spotted celebs like Kanye West, Stella McCartney and T-Pain, wearing to us, absolutely dreadful outfits! Well, if you think baggy leather pants, head to toe blue or Pink cut off Jeans are hot stuff- don't check this out. But if you think that sounds crazy trashy, click on the pics and see this week's top 10 Worst dressed celebrities!
Vanessa Marano red dress with black leather details black jacket long brown wavy hair red lips
1. Singer Kat DeLuna is wearing a leather dress full of not so cool snake skin details. A plain dress would have looked much hotter!
stella mccartney blue dressy pants suit shirt jacket blazer black handbag black white platform heels
2. What the heck is going on here, Kanye West?! Baggy leather pants matched with a tank top larger than a tent! We are shocked by this sudden change of your awesome sense of style! You look terrible next to your fashionista girlfriend Kim Kardashian!
Gwen Stefani leopard suit blazer dressy pants long blonde hair red lips sunglasses
3. #gilmore_girls-actress Vanessa Marano's dress is just a really bad choice...
kat von d red pants denom red bikini top black t-shirt vest sunglasses
4. British singer Paloma Faith has waaaay too many patterns going on there...
Paloma Faith yellow green flower pattern dress ginger blonde hair leopard coat orange heels
5. We know Stella McCartney is a fabulous fashion designer, but sometimes she doesn't score that high in her own choice of outfits. Too blue and too head to toe!
rita ora long white silk skirt short white top baby pink mc jacket red lips dark roots
6. Another girl covered in the same fabric. We figure it's a little too much leopard, Gwen Stefani!
Kat DeLuna short black leather dress short blonde hair black heels snake skin details
7. It must be a hot day for Kat Von D who is wearing almost nothing in the streets of Hollywood.
t-pain pink fushia pants denom black t-shirt with white pink print black cap yellow sunglasses
8. Dear T-Pain, you are not a member of the LMFAO!
kanye west baggy leather pants big black tank top black cap kim kardashian green dress heels hair up tan
9. British singer-songwriter Rita Ora. We say no more...
Tiffany Brouwer black white long dress deep cleavage sandal heels hair up
10. Actress Tiffany Brouwer is showing off a deep deep cleavage and a transparent waist. Eh.
Published Jul 31 2012 7:14 PM
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