Top 10: This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Snake pattern, UGGs, baggy pants and a waaay too long grandma's skirts. We are not impressed by this week's Worst dressed celebrities! What was Kimberly Walsh thinking and why on earth did Heidi Montag even show up after all this time?! Click on the pictures to see top 10 of this week's Worst dressed celebrities!
Anna Faris uggs baggy jeans blue t-shirt cap leather handbag
1. Girls Aloud-singer Kimberly Walsh has the most awful combination going on... What IS this snake pattern two piece about?!
Helena Bonham Carter black grey tight fluffy tulle skirt hair up
2. Uggs, baggy Jeans and a large t-shirt. Actress Anna Faris is a real laze, she just can't be bothered!
Carrie Underwood pink purple glittery dress long short skirt wavy blone hair
3. Actress Helena Bonham Carter is usually a cool lady but this fluffy number is too tight on top and the bottom part is just too... fluffy!
Emma Stone black tights white t-shirt grey hoody
4. Hey Carrie Underwood, what would you say if we just took our scissors evened your shirt a little?! Or added another piece of fabric to the front!
Heidi Montag black leather skin shorts  sheer top long blonde hair
5. Another fair lady who just doesn't care for much....Emma Stone! Hoodie and a t-shirt are not fab enough for us Emma!
Hilary Duff black workout leggings tights tank top yoga mat
6. No, Heidi Montag! Please crawl back under that rock you've been hiding under for the last couple of years!
Kimberly Walsh snake pattern pencil skirt short long sleeve top
7. Yoga time = slob time for Hilary Duff! What is it with celebs and all too boring workout outfits?!
Taylor Swift black dressy pants top red lipstick
8. You try your best to look preppy Taylor Swift, but to us this is just PLAIN and BORING.
Nicole Richie velvet black tunic dark blonde straight hair
9. We are not into this black velvet tunic Nicole Richie.......And you look really tired too!
Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen satin black blue dark long skirt tunic jacket blazer hair up long curly blonde
10. We know you are fashionistas and all Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but this time you look like little old ladies! Throw away those Handbag and long lose garments ASAP!
Published Dec 1 -1 11:50 PM
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