This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

If there's one thing we've learned from our years on this earth it's that silver, stretchy pants will never EVER look good. Take note Paz de la Huerta, this is for you. Also, too much black and lace can make your look like Morticia from The Addams Family, and maybe that's your thing, but we have a feeling that it wasn't the look Nina Dobrev or Olivia Wilde was going for. Here's our worst dressed for this past week, enjoy sweets!
Jessica Biel pale peach raw silk crop top peach shorts
This look on Paz just screams TOTAL MESS.
Olivia WIlde black lace dress long sleeved
Jessica Biel, pale peach crop tops are a big no no! Matching peach shorts are even worse!
Emma Roberts grey sweatshirt with lace trim jean shorts distressed shorts
We wonder if Olivia will beckon us into her morgue...?
Kristin Bauer white cherry dress
We kinda hate this shirt Emma Roberts is wearing and those shorts are warped in the worst way possible.
Maggie Q cutout vneck shirt high water black pants
Kristin Bauer plays Pam on True Blood and we think Pam has great style, but this cherry dress reminds us of 5th grade. So juvenile!
Nina Dobrev black lace dress striped black and lace dress red heels
Cut outs and high water flare pants? No, just no, Maggie Q.
Rose McGowan strapless denim dress black ankle boots black purse
We really love Nina but we really hate this dress. She could do so much better, right?
Kirstie Alley magenta one shoulder dress
This denim dress is too young for Rose McGowan and the black boots are better for fall.
Paz de la Huerta tight silver stretchy pants black lace top see through lace top bra black heels mess
Kirstie Alley, drowning in fabric.
Tyra Banks skinny jeans blue heels yellow tie vest striped oxford shirt smize
Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Fashion Failure.
Published Jul 26 2011 8:10 PM
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