This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

Ouch! While this week we had some celebs who showed really off their stellar style, we also had A LOT of celebs (especially Nicky Hilton) who looked completely subpar. Yeah celebs are people too, but they should at least TRY to dress nice, it's not like the photogs are going to take a day off! This week had a lot of crazy (bad) dresses from Red Carpet events and super blah Street Style. Ok guys, it's time to step it up a notch!
Heidi Montag Black Shorts Hot Pink Heels White Knit Sweater
Paris Hilton head to toe in beige= blah blah blah.
Nicky Hilton White Fringe TShirt
These shorts and the chunky weird cut sweater does NOTHING for Heidi Montag.
Nicky Hilton Denim Shorts Flowered Shirt
Nicky Hilton probably made this shirt at summer camp.
Logan Huffman Bad Dressed Print Tie Pink Suspenders
And again, Nicky Hilton! Cut off denim shorts, weird flowery shirt-thing.... just no!
Sophie Simmons Pink Vampire Fangs
Logan Huffman who plays Tyler on V probably got dressed in the dark. At least that's what we're telling ourselves.
Paris Hilton Beige Dress Beige Headband
Sophie Simmons, daughter of Gene Simmons, wore the weirdest shirt we've ever seen. With an ill-fitted Pink jacket.
Kristen Stewart Red Black Brocade Dress
This dress just looks so heavy on Kristen Stewart. We'd be so uncomfortable in it!
Ashley Olsen Met Gala Black and White Dress
Oh no Ashley Olsen, the 80s called and wanted their dress back. There's good vintage and then there is BAD vintage. This was bad.
Hilary Swank Beige Pants Beige Shirt
Someone needs to tell celebs that head to toe beige is just not flattering! Take notes Hilary Swank!
Published May 6 2011 3:38 PM
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