This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

They have gone and done it again! Stars on the Red Carpet, looking anything but chic! We are so tired of old pros like Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera getting it wrong with fashion, surely all their past experience should have taught them something by now!
Gwyneth Paltrow long sleeve white lace-up back
9. Glee star Lea Michele wore this badly-fitting white strapless dress on the Red Carpet early last week and we thought she was a hot mess! Dresses that end on the ankle like this are so difficult to style properly and Lea got it all wrong.
Gayle King colour block striped mazi
8. Ok so Faith Hill was just her husband's date to the Country Strong premiere last week, so we understand she was trying not to stand out too much. Unfortunately for her, this bad bad badly cut top made us notice her for all the wrong reasons. Yuck!
Milla Jovovich Gucci party printed maxi dress
7. Gwyneth Paltrow at the Country Strong premiere. As we said last week, for us it was messy and instead of being sexy, the lace up back came off as cheap. Gwyneth you can do so much better!
Lea Michele white strapless dress earrings
6. We are still confused by Angelina Jolie's velvet dress and bed hair. The built-in gloves on this dress are just about the silliest thing we have seen on Red Carpet, maybe even ever! She looks like some kind of 1980's vampire woman.
Ke$ha aka Kesha bird feather jacket
5. Christina Aguilera needs a total style makeover. Her hair is just a bleached rat's nest right now, her clothes are all too tight and she has no idea how to dress for her curvier body. Get a grip Xtina!
Selena Gomez white harem one piece
4. We are not fans of this white harem pant onepiece Selena Gomez has been wearing on stage all week. She looks like a cheap stage version of Jasmine in Alladin and the silver embellisment on the top is even cheesier!
Faith Hill black t top black pants
3. Milla Jovovich is drowning in this dress. The cut and the print are way too big for her and her gorgeous figure and face have just disappeared under all of the busy fashion. We definitely expect more from a stylista like her!
Angelina Jolie velvet built in glove dress
2. Ok so Oprah's best friend Gayle King is not exactly a fashion plaite, we all know that, but seriously, doesn't she watch Oprah's makeover shows? Never ever wear horizontal stripes if you are big around the hips, especially not stripes in bright, block colours! Ouch!
Christina Aguilera black lace and satin dress fu
1. We just can't forgive Kesha for wearing this poor dead bird on her back this week! In fact we think this is a few dead birds! We don't get this girl's attempts at unique style, its all just so costumey tri-hard! Hire a stylist missy!
Published Dec 20 2010 5:01 PM
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