This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Its that time of the week again! If you can bare to look at some of the worst fashion we have ever seen, you might actually be able to laugh! Especially at regulars like Alesha Dixon, Kesha and Phoebe Price, who really seem to be trying to do ugly clothes on purpose! Why? We will never know!
Avril Lavigne black and white graphic print mini dress pink hair streaks
9. Has Avril Lavigne run out of cash or just lost her sense of style completely? Those are the only two things we can think of for why she chose this budget, out of style black and white mini dress to the American Music Awards last week!
Ke$ha purple feather jacket wig makeup bootss
8. Jessica Simpson has been denying rumors of a pregnancy all week and we are guessing that's why she chose this form-fitting coat to wear at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Only problem is, its way too small and makes her look totally uncomfortable and those ear muffs were not helping things, as they accentuated her double chin!
Jennifer Coolidge metallic one sleeve minii
7. We can forgive Kat Von D the military-style shirt-dress, but why did she team it up with the gold detailed leggings? Way too overdone!
Kat Von D  gold and black military shirt dress gold tights
6. We are losing hope with Alesha Dixon! She can never get it completely right! The dress is a little too girly for our taste, but we would've let that slide if it hadn't been for the awful footless, shear tights she had on with those silver heels! Ack!
Alesha Dixon red frilly mini dresss black tights silver heels
5. Ooh ouch, Jennifer Coolidge looks like an older, but just as confused version of Pamela Anderson! This dress is not flattering to her figure and should be worn by someone way younger!
Cher black lacey leather skirt mini dress
4. Speaking of way younger.....Cher wore this lacey mini dress to the premiere of her new movie Burlesque last week and while its impressive that she still looks so good, this dress is totally inappropriate for her age, but then again, when did Cher ever care about appropriate dressing?
Jessica Simpson pink jacket gloves ear muffs
3. Someone please rescue Kesha from this ridiculous Fashion disaster mode she is in! What is with the dumb 80's rock wig and the bad makeup, cheap feathery jacket, and the dirty boots?
Nicki Minaj nude and black catsuit open butt hair
2. We all know by now that Phoebe Price doesn't dress to be stylish, but actually just puts on whatever is the loudest, ugliest and most attention-grabbing when she has a Red Carpet event. Congrats Phoebe, you made our list again!
Phoebe Price mulit coloured print dress
1. Nicki Minaj hasn't been around for a very long time, but she is sure making up for that this week! Her album "Pink Friday" launched this week and she has been wearing one crack pot outfit after the next. It was actually difficult to choose the worst one, but then we saw this picture of her during a live perfomance. The entire cat suit is half black and half nude and it gives her already curvy body some mad proportions. Not pretty!
Published Nov 29 2010 4:03 PM
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