This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Our eyes are really hurting this week from all the bad fashion! Some real surprises from usually well dressed celebs like Marion Cotillard and Demi Lovato, otherwise, what else can you expect when Paris Hilton and LaToya Jackson are let out of the house? Of course its going to be mostly a mess!
Marion Cotillard leather rouched strapless dress red lips
9. Marion Cotillard looked so uncomfortable in this leather dress at a movie premiere last week, she even covered up her face in some pictures! We don't blame her! Whoever decided that this kind of cleavage and leather rouching was flattering for her figure was an idiot! She should have known better than to walk out of the house in this!
Demi Lovato black one shoulder asymmetrical dress hairstyle updo
8. What happened to Teri Hatcher? She is usually so stylish on the Red Carpet but it looks like all her fashion sense went out with the hair she cut off! This new shorter cut with this blue buttoned up dress makes her look like a boring old prude!
Teri Hatcher blue button up linen dress hairstyle bob
7. Demi Lovato made a big Red Carpet mistake at the American Music Awards this week. There can be a fine line between high fashion and costume and in this outfit Demi definitely went too far over to the super hero costume look! It really doesn't work for us sorry Demi!
Hilary Duff, leather pants jacket earrings book camel toe
6. Paris Hilton was a disaster for us at the Bravo TV event this week. First of all her makeup is a mess and then this dress does nothing for her body and that necklace just looks totally out of place as does the big tote bag! Tone it down Paris!
Singer M.I.A. pattern burka
5. Singer M.I.A is known for her unique and sometimes crazy style and this weekend at the Scream Awards she arrived in a burka she made herself. We think this was more of a political statement than a fashion statement as burkas are meant to cover up the body completely and are the opposite of fashionable, even when they have funky pattern on the fabric!
La Toya Jackson mustard lycra, belt boots hat sunglasses Louis Vuitton luggage
4. Gillian Anderson made her strangest style choice ever with this green vintage dress! Shabby chic does not mean a torn hem people! This could have been quite an interesting outfit if it wasn't falling apart!
Sandra Vergara lace mini red handbag
3. Poor Hilary Duff was trying to be edgy in a pair of wet-look leather pants while promoting her book recently and instead she came out in public with camel toe! Yuck!
Paris Hilton floral mini big sleeves too much makeup
2. We are not sure what actress Sandra Vergara was thinking with this too-tight, too short, badly fitting lace dress. Even worse that she was at a fashion party for Elle magazine! Ouch!
Gillian Anderson green vintage dress torn hemline
1. Congratulations La Toya Jackson. This is officially one of the worst ensembles we have ever seen! A mustard lycra unitard? We had no idea you could still find those anywhere! Ooh and the belt, the hat and the floral, leopard blend shirt. Its all just hurting our eyes!
Published Oct 19 2010 2:32 PM
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