This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

The latest Autumn/Winter trends are really confusing some celebrities! Stars like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomes and Jennifer Garner are all trying out new looks lately, using trend advice from this season's hottest items, but it is just not working for them! Poor girls, time for a stylist!
Rapper/Actress Eve bra jacket hole leggings
9. Points to Miley Cyrus for attempting to change her look this week and she is almost getting somewhere with the cowboy boots and the cut-off shorts, but the black bra with a see-through white top? No way!
Miley Cyrus shorts lace top bra cowboy boots sunglasses
8. So we all know Taylor Swift is a country singer and everything and we have been saying we are bored with her usual Red Carpet looks, but this doesn't work for us either! The frills on the top and the skirt, with heavily detailed tights and boots. Tone it down Taylor, this is a high fashion party not a country costume party!
Katie Holmes Floral Louis Vuitton
7. Take a lesson from Katie Holmes' mistake this week. She took a very hot right now, Louis Vuitton 50's inspired dress and turned it into a mini dress. By the time she got to the Red Carpet the skirt was falling down! Terrible! Oh and the black tights were a bad idea too!
Selena Gomez gold and black leggings bow belt black clutch
6. Looking at Tyra Banks in this strange fishnet stocking mask, you would think the Vogue party at Paris Fashion Week had a Halloween theme. It didn't, it was supposed to be a masked ball and Tyra came looking like an alien gimp. Fail!
Tyra Banks fishnet mask Vogue party
5. Try again Selena Gomez! Those gold pattern leggings could have made a great statement look for Selena, but she matched them with a boring black top and tied a huge bow around her waiste. We are confused, just like this look is!
Claire Danes sheer panel black dress
4. Ok ladies the Goth-inspired look is in for Autumn/Winter. Claire Danes is experimenting with it here, but she didn't have the guts to go all the way and she just ended up looking a little sad and half done. Don't be lame about. Go for it!
Jennifer Garner pink top white skirt pearls
3. Rapper Eve is not exactly known for her amazing sense of style, in fact dressing for is usually all about showing those cat paw Tattoo on her chest. Here she is in a badly fitting Bikini top, showing the paws, a jacket and unflattering leggings. Yuck!
Jade Ewan, black crop top micro mini jacket
2. Jennifer Garner gets it wrong again. She had too many things going on with this outfit. The pearls and the top all long at the back with the white skirt at the front. We just don't get it!
Taylor Swift Roberto Cavalli
1. Speaking about too much! Ladies you have to pick, either show off your cleavage, your tummy or legs, but never all at the same time like British star Jade Ewan! We have no idea where to look with this see-through crop top and the micro mini skirt!
Published Oct 4 2010 2:28 PM
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