This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Its a sin to dress badly when you are a celebrity, especially if like Kim Kardashian and January Jones, you have access to some of the best designer dresses and Hollywood stylists! Here are some of the worst fashion messes of the week!
9. 90210 star Shenae Grimes messed up what could have been a cute little boho-pattern floral outfit with those horrible short lace tights. Is she stuck in a 90's nightmare? Someone rescue her and her hairdo!
8. This nude dress is doing nothing for Kim Kardashian's figure, you would think the lace-up front would help suck it all in, but instead, its making it all hang out. Also those Shoes are a little too much with the dress don't you think?
7. January Jones shocked everyone at the Emmy Award last Sunday by showing up with a bed head, this really did nothing for that already questionable dress. The color was lovely for her, but that shorter in the front with the train in the back plus the seashell texture was totally overwhelming her, even though it is Versace!
6. We don't actually mind this bandage dress on Kat Von D, we think she is totally brave wearing it, although we think her breasts needed a little support, but the real problem here is her makeup. We know she loves a little goth-chic but really! This look is totally scary on her!
5. Poor Toni Collette. This could have been such a pretty dress, but there are two problems. Firstly it doesn't fit properly on the top and there is a big problem on the bottom too. What was supposed to be an interesting and pretty pattern, just ends up looking like the dress has been dragged through mud before it hit the Red Carpet!
4. Real Housewives reality TV star Teresa Guidice looked cheap in this little white off the shoulder dress. The Fringe look like they have fallen out; the straps don't work with the off-shoulder detail and her hair looks like a bad wig - not pretty!
3. Why is Christina Ricci wearing a table cloth? Seriously that looks like a home needlework project gone wrong! Not even her Chanel bag and leather jacket can save it!
2. Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson showed up to the Emmy Award looking like an old lady in this white retro dress with the Jewel overhanging stuff and those Prada Shoes are just way too much! No Rita what went wrong?!
1. Kate Hudson showed up at Heathrow airport in her pajama pants! The worst thing about it is that she tried to disguise them with a blazer and fancy Shoes! We understand that people want to be comfy for long flights, but really Kate this is not okay, especially not for a celebrity!
Published Sep 6 2010 2:33 PM
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