This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

The celebs have not disappointed us this week when it came to bad fashion! Whether it was a strange choice like Katie Holmes' new hairdo on the Red Carpet or a ridiculous street outtfit a la Sophie Monk, there were fashion police worthy crimes all over showbiz world! Take a look.
Katie Holmes stripes hairstyle long curly
9. This new curly hairdo does nothing for Katie Holmes and neither does this striped dress and boring court Shoes. In fact the dress fit so badly, some people were wondering if there is a baby bump hiding under all that stripe!
Holly Madison white firlls pink ribbon mini dress
8. Ok we know, Holly Madison is known for her kitsch style, but this dress really takes the cake, in fact it kind of reminds of us of an overdone wedding cake in some way, don't you agree? We have said this before and we will say it again - time for a stylist Holly!
Kristin Cavallari grey metallic shoulder detail mini dress
7. Kristin Cavallari at the Salt premiere. We don't know if she was trying to compete with Angelina Jolie for attention with this cleavage-bearing grey mini dress, but it was all kinds of wrong for her! Poor girl can never get it right when it counts the most!
Kourtney Kardashian nude satin one shoulder updo
6. Kourtney Kardashian has lost the ability to understand what works for her body! This dress doesn't look good anywhere! Her breasts look huge and badly shaped and so do her hips, when actually she has an amazing figure. What went wrong?!
Claire Danes pink one shoulder feather strap detail wave
5. Ok so Claire Danes like to be different and we appreciate that about her, but this outfit is a Pink and green mess! She looks like a flamingo bird strapped up with something and its not pretty at all!
Mischa Barton black and denim mini dress fringed necklace hairstlye updo
4. Mischa Barton wore this strange outfit to the Marc Jacobs "Bang" fragrance launch this past week and we have to say, even though we give her points for creativity, it really looks like a student fashion design project, what was she thinking?!
Kim Kardashian nude and lace piped mini dress
3. Kim Kardashian almost popping out of her dress again! Those dart lines are actually really unflattering too, we don't care if she thinks they are Trendy, some things you should just stay away from Kim. Like this whole outfit!
Sophie Monk tank top short shorts
2. Ok we give it to Sophie Monk, she looks hot no matter what she wears and this outfit somehow doesn't look as bad as it should on her, but we really wish she would class up her act just a little bit, she is such a beautiful girl, just a few small changes and this outfit could have really been amazing. Such a pity she went cheap!
Amy Winehouse pink leotard red nails
1. Amy Winehouse has been out and about partying in London this week again, so you know what that means - a series of awful outfits! She seems to think she is in the middle of the Caribbean in this hot Pink leotard-swimsuit thing, the short shorts and her favourite nude, dirty ballet pumps. She might think those red nails add sam glamour, but we think they just make everything about this look even trashier!
Published Jul 26 2010 2:25 PM
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