This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Some celebrities totally lost their sense of style this week! Fashionistas like Peaches Geldof and Jennifer Lopez were two of the biggest shockers for us! Take a look at who else got it totally wrong in the style stakes this past week!
Eli Roth Peaches Geldof suit grey flower dress belt hairstyle updo hairband
9. Peaches Geldof looks pregnant in this overstuffed floral mini, even though apparantly she and boyfriend Eli Roth are not expecting! We don't even want to talk about the orange tan and the bad hair. Fail!
Leah Michelle printed dress red lipstick hairstyle updo
8. Lea Michele is kind of new to the Red Carpet, so we know she is trying new things, the dress is not horrible, but with that hair and makeup its pretty bad!
Mischa Barton lace mini dress makeup clutch
7. Mischa Barton looks like a horror movie dolly come to life with the overdone makeup and the silly dress and the Shoes. Oh and that length is very unflattering for her legs. Not a good look Mischa, don't try that again!
Nicola Roberts pink ripped dress fringed
6. Another look from Nicola Roberts we just don't get. The dress looks ripped up,as if she had a big accident just before walking onto the Red Carpet....the colour is good for her though....
5. Jamie Winstone bringing back that horrible 90's crochet trend where you wear ugly dark underwear that sticks out of the crochet pattern - hate it!
Sophie Reade black hat pink tie and cuffs stripe dress garter stockings
4. Sophie Reade looks cheap and overdone in this little stripey outfit with the tie and the cuffs and the stockings with the bows - oh and a hat! Yuck!
jennifer lopez tiger print oneshoulder dress feathers
3. Jennifer Lopez gets it very wrong in this strange shiny tiger print dress with the feathers at the bottom, its actually a bit scary!
2. As usual Phoebe Price doesn't dress to be stylish, she is way more interested in attracting the most attention and we are sure she got lots of looks in that horrible dress with the peacock feathers and the huge hat! Also notice the wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen!
Alicia Douvall animal print bra black dress gloves stockings
1. Reality tv star Alicia Douvall looks pretty much like a stripper or porn star or something in this outfit. Are we really surprised? Leopard print underwear sticking out with the Sunglasses on the head and the gloves and the thigh-high boots. Its horrible!
Published May 24 2010 1:08 PM
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