This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Oh wow its been a fun week for bad fashion. The stars went all out at Coachella with the festival gear and many made a complete mess of it! Some stars like Jessica Simpson made some amateur mistakes by either not dressing for their body types or as Hayden Panettiere, being completely age inappropriate! Katy Perry had such a bad week, she gets two spots on our list! Ouch!
Jessica Simpson worst dressed
9. Jessica Simpson has still not learnt to dres for her body type, strapless dresses are not made for girls with big boobs and tiny legs like Jessica has. This dress makes her look totally square and badly proportioned! Fail!
Andie MacDowell worst dressed
8. Andie MacDowell's wrap around pants went out with the 90's...we really thought someone with her experience and famous sense of elegant style would know better than that!
Diane von Furstenberg worst dressed
7. Designer Diane von Furstenberg has an amazing body for a woman of her age, but this tunic dress doesn't show that off at all! Diane has hidden all her best assets under all that boxy fabric!
Katy Perry worst dressed
6. Katy Perry wore this way too busy dress to the ASCOP awards this past week and even though we kind of like the colour and pattern on her, we just don't get the shoulder detail or the bottom half of this at all. Not a good look for her!
Hayden Panettiere worst dressed
5. Hayden Panettiere has a nasty habit of dressing way too maturely sometimes. This dress makes her look dated and frumpy - remember this girl isn't even 21 yet!
Raquel Welch worst dressed
4. Iconic Hollywood bombshell Raquel Welch has the opposite problem to Hayden, this dress is way too young for her. The shoulder do nothing to flatter and the skirt makes her still fantastic curves disappear. We think Hayden and Raquel should have swapped outfits!
Phoebe Price worst dressed
3. Oh Phoebe Price why? This girl just can't seem to buy clothes that fit her! She is always popping out somewhere. It really isn't very sexy at all, when will she realise?
Dita Von Teese worst dressed Coachella
2. We usually love Dita Von Teese's vintage inspired style, but every now and again it goes a bit wrong. Its a hard style to dress down and this outfit just makes her look a bit frumpy really. Especially the bady fittling top! She is looking really droopy in this! What a pity!
Katy Perry worst dressed coachella
1. Speaking about droopy! This strange half nude half glow in the dark dress Katy Perry put on day 2 at Coachella last weekend was horrible! We absolutely hate the matching Sunglasses too! Ew!
Published Apr 26 2010 1:18 PM
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