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What Were You Thinking? This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

Wednesday 11:01 PM, 05/06/2013
2. It's finally summer, Demi Lovato! Show off your legs instead of hiding them! 3. Those boots, Rita Ora... 4. Caggie Dunlop's shirt is so long it looks like she's not wearing any pants. Fail! 5. There's just something about this dress that is completely wrong, Juliette Lewis. 6. Are we supposed to take this look seriously, Laura Dern?
Not even the biggest superstars, with loads of cash on their bank accounts, manage to dress to impress every single day. Some day they're just complete fashion failures, which can happen to anyone. We've made a list of the worst dressed celebrities this week so click on the pics to check them all out!
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What The Heck? Check Out The Worst Celeb Looks From Coachella!

Tuesday 11:10 PM, 16/04/2013
2. We're not quite sure what Rumer Willis was trying to look like. 3. Kristen Stewart's look wasn't too bad - just too boring for Coachella. 4. We don't think Phoebe Price has never dressed well, and this look proves we're still right. 5. Hayley Hasselhoff looks like someone from Little House on the Prairie. 6. What is that on your head, Stacy Keibler?
There's a very thin line between looking super cool and hippe chic at the Coachella festival, and just looking like a complete hobo. This year we spotted plenty of strange looking celebs during the festival's first weekend, and we really cannot get why they dress like this in public. Click on the pics to see the worst dressed of this weekend's Coachella!
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Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week - What Were They Thinking?!

Thursday 11:21 PM, 04/04/2013
We're not quite sure if Ciara is wearing a dress, or a white tent? Fergie matching all kinds of different patterns - and it didn't work out well. Cyndi Lauper has leather fever. Sorry, but that coat kinda makes Kanye West look like a pimp. We love Rita Ora's cool looks - but we don't like how she's referring to cocaine on her shirt.
If you're not sure what to wear one day , well, don't try to get inspired by this article. Some celebrities tend to look sloppy and weird when they leave home, and that's something we wouldn't recommend you to do. Click on the pics and see this week's worst dressed celebrities!
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Fashion Failure! Worst Dressed Celebrities Of The Oscars 2013!

Monday 10:34 AM, 25/02/2013
Helena Bonham Carter is trying to bring goth to the Oscars. And it's not working. At all. Nicole Kidman's L'Wren Scott dress was pretty - we just think she should wear something more age appropriate. Olivia Munn's dress looked like Christmas decoration. In a very bad way. Catherine Zeta Jones was beautiful, as always. We just think she could use some color, not to blend in to the dress completely. Helen Hunt made a cool fashion choice - she wore a gown from H&M! Super cute, but it shouldn't be that wrinkly in the red carpet...
If we were ever invited to the Oscars, we'd make sure to take some good time to think about what to wear and how to look. But as always at these big events, some of the stars just don't seem to get that, and they simply show up wearing gowns we believe should be illegal.

We've listed the biggest fashion failures of this year's Oscars! Click on the pics and check them all out!
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Fashion Failures! Last Week's 6 Worst Dressed Super Stars!

Monday 6:23 PM, 18/02/2013
Miley Cyrus in a dress we don't quite understand. If you'd match this look with a pair of sneakers instead of Louboutin, we'd get it, Rita Ora. Chloe Sevigny, what on Earth is that?! Drew Barrymore. Karolina Kurkova is voted one of the best dressed this week - but also the worst. What's up with the suit?!
Some celebrities never really seem to get that you are what you wear. We get it, some days we also just put on a pair of sweatpants look cozy the entire day - but of course, not every day. We've seen six celebs that probably didn't take a look in the mirror before stepping outside. Click on the pics and check them all out!
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Oh My! Worst Dressed Celebrities Of Grammy Awards 2013!

Monday 12:17 PM, 11/02/2013
2. Jennifer Lopez pulled an "Angelina Jolie" and showed off her leg. She showed a little too much, though - we can almost see her entire thing!
3. Katy Perry's dress isn't bad - it's just too boring for Katy!
4. Cindy Valentine isn't very well-known - and neither is she for her sense of fashion. 5. Lila Downs - there are no words for how awful this look is. 6. Tamia, we'd be happy if you skip the hat next time!
While many celebrities take their nicest dress on a night it'll never forget, some others just seem to pick the worst looks they can possibly own. Take this for example: An astronaut costume? Yea, we know. Click on the pics and spot the fashion failures of Grammy Awards 2013!
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