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The Worst Dressed Celebrities 2014!

Friday 11:34 AM, 19/12/2014
1. Tyra Banks 2. Rita Ora 3. Amber Rose 4. Heidi Klum 5. Kim Kardashian
Sure, everybody can have a bad day but how these choices could get past any kind of stylist is beyond us. Or let's not only blame the stylis...READ MORE ▶
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What Were They Thinking? The Worst Dressed Of Yesterday's PCA!

Thursday 3:15 PM, 09/01/2014
We just waited for Malin Akerman's boobs to pop out. Jessica Alba always dress to impress, but this dress just wasn't our cup of tea. Melissa Joan Hart's dress wasn't our favorite. Super adorable "The Big Bang Theory" star Melissa Rauch's dress looked like something straight out of the '90s. Cheryl Burke. No, just no.
Some stars tend to always look amazing when rocking the red carpet, wearing dresses and looks that we could only dream about - while others dress up in outfits that really doesn't show their best sides. We've taken a closer look at yesterday's People's Choice Awards and we've listed the stars that we believe were the worst dressed during the night. Click on the pics and see our full list!
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Here Are The Worst Dressed At The Emmy Awards 2013 Red Carpet!

Monday 10:16 AM, 23/09/2013
2. Purple hair would've looked amazing with a white, plain dress - but not this red gown, Kelly Osbourne! 3. No, no, no, Anna Faris! 4. Cobie Smulders looked absolutely amazing. The only thing was that she looked like she was about to drop her dress! 5. Way too plain, Tina Fey! 6. We love you, Lena Dunham, but not your dress!
Sometimes we spot celebrities at the red carpet, and can't help but think - "What were they thinking?!". We're not sure whether to blame their stylist or themselves, but one thing is for sure - something must've gone terribly wrong when these stars got dressed for the Emmy Awards. Click on the pics and check out the worst dressed!
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What On Earth?! Check Out The Worst Dressed Celebs Of LFW!

Tuesday 8:50 PM, 17/09/2013
2. This mermaid looks is completely wrong for Paloma Faith. 3. Is that a hobo, or is it Sienna Miller going to a party? 4. This might just be the first time we've ever seen Olivia Palermo wearing something we wouldn't wear. 5. Honestly, Anna Wintour? 6. Kate Moss' hat is just ridiculous.
London Fashion Week gave us plenty of well dressed stars to look at, but we also spotted several fashion mistakes that we wish we would never have seen at all. These six celebrities really didn't rock the nights of London Fashion Week at all, so click on the pics and check out some bad taste in fashion!
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Check Out The Worst Dressed Celebs Of MTV VMA Awards 2013!

Monday 11:32 AM, 26/08/2013
2. There are no words for Lil Kim's look. 3. Ciara wore a stunning dress - we just wish it would've been a little longer between her legs... 4. Richard Simmons apparently wanted to make some sort of statement on the red carpet. 5. Seriously, Katy Perry? Grills? 6. Erin Wasson.
Some celebrities we don't know whether they just have really bad taste, or if they're in fact just trying to be provocative. Either way, these 6 stars really failed to impress us with their looks last night at the annual MTV VMA Awards. Click on the pics and check out six fashion failures!
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Check Out The Worst Dressed Celebs Of Teen Choice Awards 2013!

Monday 4:39 PM, 12/08/2013
2. Actress Hailee Steinfeld failed to impress us with this look. 3. There's nothing wrong with Demi Lovato's look actually, but we think she could've tried a little harder. 4. There are no words to describe Hayley Williams' look... 5. Lily Collins' dress is just a little too much. 6. There's a thin line between cool and trashy bralets - and Naya Rivera crossed it.
It really doesn't matter if you have the best stylists in the world - sometimes the hottest celebrities make fatal fashion failures when walking the red carpet anyway. At this year's Teen Choice Awards we spotted six celebrities that should've taken a closer look in the mirror before leaving home. Click on the pics and check out the worst dressed celebrities such as Demi Lovato and Naya Rivera!
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