15 March 1975, Los Angeles, USA
39 years

Will.I.Am is an American hiphop artist and member of the group Black Eyed Peas which, he co-founded in eighth grade. He has also released a few solo-albums and worked with artists like Mary J. Blige and the Pussycat Dolls.
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Fergie is leaving The Black Eyed Peas!

Saturday 8:41 PM, 26/06/2010
Could Josh Duhamel & Fergie be expecting a baby soon?
Stacy Ferguson aka Fergie is rumored to be leaving The Black Eyed Peas! Apparently things have gotten so tense between her and Will.I.Am lately that she's now refusing to sign for their 2011 tour and she´s also considering leaving the band for good!

A source divulged:

"Fergie is saying she wants out of the band and the second half of the tour isn't confirmed for early next year. Things have gotten really bad with Will.i.Am. And it's not just Fergie who is clashing with him. So is the rest of the band. His ego is out of control. Fergie just wants to get away from the whole thing.

I don't know if she'll admit or deny it when it leaks out, but I do know that it's 100 percent true, she's got everything planned out and she says she can't be convinced to change her mind. And she really wants a baby with Josh. Between that and the bad blood with Will, it looks like the 2011 tour is in big trouble and she's saying she's going to split for good."

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Fergie Rocked It in Berlin!

Sunday 9:57 PM, 16/05/2010
Apl.de.ap of Black Eyed Peas! Taboo of Black Eyed Peas! Will.i.am
Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas performed in Berlin last night at the O2 World Arena and just like both Rihanna and Lady Gaga Fergie isn't afraid to go crazy with her outfits that she's wearing on stage! She really rocked it with her weird, yet cool, metallic jumpsuit and the German fans really liked it! Will.i.am looked cool too in a pair of sunglasses and a military inspired jacket!
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Elton John Throws Hottest Oscars Party!

Monday 5:16 PM, 08/03/2010
Heidi Klum Victoria Beckham Michelle Rodriguez Kelly Brook Allison Iraheta Christina Hendricks Sharon Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne Perez Hilton Hayden Panettiere Miley Cyrus Salma Hayek Jennifer Hudson Nicole Richie Milla Jovovich Demi Lovato will.i.am Jonas Brothers Jordan
Sir Elton John's post Oscars party has been going for 18 years now and it has definitely become the hottest place to be seen after the Oscars ceremony now! The best thing about the party is that the party is for a good cause! It benefits Elton John's famous AIDS foundation charity. Just a few of the beautiful people there last night? Demi Lovato, Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, Kelly Osbourne....the list goes on and on! They all looked fab, see for yourself!
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Hot like no other

Fergie's Crazy Future-Freak Outfit!

Thursday 9:30 PM, 25/02/2010
She is so powerful on stage! Fergie and Will.I.Am She looks like an alien queen! Style tip? We are not so sure!
Fergie performed live with her band "The Black Eyed Peas" and Ludacris last night at the Madison Square Garden in New York City. We have seen a lot of lets say, interesting outfits from Fergie this year, as she almost seems to be competing with Lady Gaga and Rihanna on the freaky fashion stakes, but this metal skeleton catsuit really is something special! We have never seen anything like it!
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The New We Are The World Song - Hit or Miss?

Wednesday 10:16 AM, 17/02/2010
We loved the powerful voices singing, but we are not sure about all the rapping and the Haitian sound by Wyclef Jean, even though we get why its there of course! Lionel Richie and Quincey Jones directed and produced the song
As everyone knows by now, the huge hit song from the 80's "we are the world" written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, was remade this year to help the people of Haiti. The song debuted this weekend at the opening of the Winter Olympics in Canada. Even though the song went to number on iTunes this weekend and has already raised a lot of money to help the poor people of Haiti hit by earthquakes, not everyone is a fan of the song. Artists like Jay-Z have said they think there should have been a brand new song written, instead of a new version of the first "We are the world". Jay-Z thinks the first one was so special, it should have stayed untouched by a remix. What do you think? Here is the new version and the old for you to watch and vote on!

The New Song:

The Original:
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What do you think?

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Black Eyed Peas Nearly Get Blown Away!

Thursday 7:58 PM, 14/01/2010
Black Eyed Peas Nearly Get Blown Away!
The video looks so cool too! Don't worry she is ok!
The Black Eyed Peas took to the desert near L.A yesterday to shoot a new music video. Except it all went very wrong! The set was totally swept away by a sand storm! While band members Will.i.am, Taboo and apl.de.ap seemed hardly effected by the sudden gust of sand luckily, poor Fergie was hit pretty hard and had to be quickly wrapped in a blanket and held onto by her assistant! Scary stuff!
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