Whoopi Goldberg

13 November 1955, New York, USA
59 years

Caryn Elaine Johnson , Da Whoop
Bill Duke, Danny Glover, David Claessen, Timothy Dalton, Ted Danson, Lyle Trachtenberg, Frank Langella, Michael Visbal
Whoopi Goldberg is an American actress, song-writer and comedian. She played in movies like "Ghost", the Sister Act-movies, "Rat Race" and in "Madea Goes to Jail" as herself. She also made the voice to one of the hyenas in the movie The Lion King. Whoopi is the first woman to be asked to host the Academy Awards live tv broadcast.
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 5:17 PM, 06/12/2010
Some stars are all confused this party season. The vintage-inspired trend is making a few of them, like Uma Thurman and Amanda Peet,...READ MORE ▶
9. Madonna, as usual these days, is trying too hard to be cool and hold on to her fashion icon status. There is just too much going on here. Too many prints, too much accessory stuff and the boots are just too young for her. The face is scary too Madge! Stop it! 8. Winona Ryder gets the menswear trend really wrong. The idea is still to look ultra femme and sexy even though you are wearing a suit! Winona's mens' shoes, black shirt and severe makeup, make her look almost like a priest! 7. Uma Thurman makes the red carpet mistake we just don't understand. Why make yourself look older? This tiered skirt teamed with the vintage-style jacket and the updo, have aged Uma like 30 years!  A huge NO NO! 6. We have said this before and we stick by our opinion. We support Helena Bonham Carter and her quirky style. We love that she wears fab designer Vivienne Westwood on the red carpet too. Her only mistake is wearing clothes that don't flatter her figure. This dress makes her top half look way bigger than her bottom. Awkward not edgy! 5. Former Bachelorette star Ali Fedowsky wore this disaster of a dress to the KIISSFM Jingle Bell Ball this weekend. There is just nothing good to say, except that the clutch bag is ok... 4. Amanda Peet and Uma Thurman - do they have the same stylist? Amanda's dress is really pretty, but she ruined it with this velvet boyfriend blazer and the leather strappy shoes. Yuck! 3. Ok we get Thora, you are anti-fashionista. Why dress like a frumpy old woman though? What is the point of making yourself look full of lumps and shapeless? We don't understand it. You don't have to look like a fashion victim...but at least do the minimum! 2. Every time comedienne Sarah Silverman steps onto the red carpet, she looks as if she has just piled her laundry basket over onto her body. Nothing matches and nothing fits right and it all looks a little creased. Hire a stylist! 1. When we saw Whoopi Goldberg in this outfit outside the theatre, we thought she was in costume. No she was there as a producer not an actor. These are her actual clothes! We don't even know where to start. The hat probably....it looks like it belongs to a man from the 18th century!
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Victoria Beckham: " I want to be the sexy one!"

Wednesday 4:57 PM, 16/09/2009
Victoria Beckham: " I want to be the sexy one!"
The View ladies cute!
Victoria Beckham made her first appearance on the famous ladies' talk show The View with Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters yesterday and she was charming! She laughed and joke along with the ladies who are known for their tough questions. She was asked about whether she still feels sexy after 10 years of marriage and she said yes she does, wouldn't you if you were going to bed with David Beckham?! Haha! She is so right! Victoria also said everyone always says she is the funny one and David is the sexy one and she is tired of being called funny! Don't worry Posh, we think you are sexy!

Watch the interview here:
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Award Show

The Red Carpet! Oscar Night Hits and Misses

Monday 11:31 AM, 23/02/2009
Miley Cyrus
Vanessa Hudgens Lisa Rinna Zac Efron and Vannessa Hudgens Dominic Cooper Mario Lopez Freida Pinto Cast of Slumdog Millionaire Natalie Portman Seal and Heidi Klum Beyonce Evan Rachel Wood Viola Davis Penelope Cruz Kate Winslet Sofia Loren Daniel Craig Taraji P. Henson Meryl Streep Jessica Biel Marion Cotillard Anne Hathaway Sarah Jessica Parker Angelina Jolie Brangelina Marisa Tomei Melissa George Seal and Mickey Rourke Tilda Swinton Queen Latifah Jennifer Aniston Whoopi Goldberg Amanda Seyfried Amy Adams Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn Mickey Rourke
This is the real reason we are interested in Oscar Night: the red carpet! Seeing who wore what and how well is always so exciting! We think Anne Hathaway looked simply elegant while Sofia Loren and Miley had a few too many frills! Everyone had their eyes on Brangelina and Jennifer Aniston, but Jen decided to skip the red carpet! Who do you think won in the style stakes?


Best Dressed?

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