Wesley Snipes Starts Prison Sentence Today!

After two years of fighting out in court, Blade star Wesley Snipes has been convicted as guilty of not filing his tax returns and will serve his 3 year prison sentence today!

Wesley's lawyers have tried everything to get Wesley off the tax evasion charges, they even filed an emergency motion on Wednesday asking for a new trial after a jury member spoke out and said that the jurors all thought Wesley was guilty from the start of his trial and now his lawyers are hoping to prove this means he didn't have a fair trial. The judge is reviewing the emergency request, but that doesn't mean Wesley is getting out of going to prison. He handed himself in to authorities last night and will be taken to his Pennsylvania prison today. (Source:Wenn)
Wesley Snipes
Gone to jail
Wesley Snipes
Gone to jail
Wesley Snipes
Gone to jail
Wesley Snipes
Gone to jail
Wesley Snipes
That will teach him to take care of his business!
Wesley Snipes
Source: WENN.com
That will teach him to take care of his business!
Published Dec 10 2010 3:37 PM
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