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Kanye West Apologises Finally!

Wednesday 8:50 AM, 16/09/2009
Maybe that's why he was acting extra crazy? Taylor says she still had an amazing night!
Wow, we never thought Kanye West had it in him to admit when he is wrong! This is definitely a first for him, but Taylor Swift has confirmed that Kanye called her personally to apologise for crashing her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday Night. Taylor says he sounded sincere when he said his sorries and she has accepted his apology! Well done to both of you! Kanye really had no choice. Everyone in America was against him for his bad behaviour! Even American Barack Obama has been caught on tape calling Kanye a jackass for doing that to Taylor! (Source: TMZ)

In case you missed it:
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Lady Gaga's Week of Mad Outfits!

Tuesday 5:31 PM, 15/09/2009
Latex sexiness! All masked at Marc Jacobs Outfit 1 at the MTV Video Music Awards Outfit 2 at the MTV Video Music Awards Outfit 3 at the MTV Video Awards! At the Virgin Megastore! Dramatic! Scary!
We know, we know, Lady Gaga is always wearing some crazy outfit or the other, but this week was extra special! She attended a whole bunch of events like the MTV Video Awards where she wore 3 different spectacular outfits! We just can't decide if we love her style or whether its too much for the eye. What do you think?


What do you think of her style?

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Fashion Battle!

Who Wore It Best?

Monday 3:53 PM, 14/09/2009
This is a fashionista's worst nightmare! Singers Pink and Shakira arrived at the MTV Video Music Awards last in the same crystal-studded leather Balmain dress! Luckily the girls have totally different styles and they also made the best out of the situation, even posing for pictures together. So the big question is, who wore the dress better? Skakira with her long blonde locks and thigh-high boots or Pink with punky hair and her high-heeled pumps?


Who wore it best?

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Red Carpet

Lady Gaga's MTV VMA Strangeness!

Monday 11:40 AM, 14/09/2009
Lady Gaga's MTV VMA Strangeness!
Shakira Nelly Furtado Amber Rose Pink and hubby Corey Hart Lauren Conrad Taylor Swift Keri Hilson Alicia Keys Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford Jennifer Lopez Leighton Meester P. Diddy Cassie Kristin Cavallari Katy Perry WOW! Madonna paid tribute to Michael Jackson along with his sister Janet who performed Beyonce Lady Gaga in another outfit! Twilight star Ashley Greene Justin Bieber Pete Wentz and his band Fallout Boy Jack Black The band Green Day Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Honshou Whitney Port Rusell Brand Adrienne Bailon Miranda Cosgrove
We have already told you about the Kanye West/Taylor Swift drama at last night's MTV Video Music Awards, but now its time for the red carpet! All eyes on were Lady Gaga, as this was her first awards ceremony and she is known for her crazy costumes! She did not disappoint in a dramatic black dress, gold mask, feathers and hat! See if you can spot the two singers who arrived in the same dresses! Beyonce shared her stage with Taylor to make up for the Kanye upset earlier in the evening and the two ladies both looked amazing in their outfits. Who do you think looked the best and share your thoughts on which outfits weren't so hot either, we definitely have opinions on one or two!


Best Dressed?

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Breaking News!

Kanye West Ruins Taylor Swift's VMA Moment!

Monday 8:54 AM, 14/09/2009
Fashion Police!
Hip Hop bad boy Kanye West caused another drama this year at last night's MTV Video Music Awards! He was asked to leave the ceremony after dissing best female video winner Taylor Swift during her speech! Kanye jumped on stage and took Taylor's microphone saying that Beyonce had the best video! How rude! Poor Taylor was speechless afterwards and just said thank you and left the stage! The crowd all booed Kanye and he was thrown out of the award ceremony, but the damage was already done! What do you think of Kanye's outburst? (Source: MTV)

Here is how it went down:


Kanye's Outburst:

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Miley Cyrus Partying in the USA!

Saturday 11:45 PM, 12/09/2009
Miley Cyrus Partying in the USA!
Miley Cyrus isn't shy when it comes down to it and had no problems getting down and dirty while filming the video to her new single Party in the USA in Los Angeles yesterday. Wearing cowboy boots and cut off jeans Miley danced on stage in front of a huge American flag as confetti rained down over her! If you haven't heard the single yet, listen to the link below!

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