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Billy Ray Cyrus Defends Miley's Sexy Dance!

Saturday 9:04 AM, 15/05/2010
Miley is lucky her parents are so cool!
Miley Cyrus is in trouble again after a sexy video of her doing a lapdance at the wrap party for her latest movie "The last song". Miley can be seen grinding against her director Adam Shankman and of course the parents of Miley's young fans are shocked and saying Miley is a bad girl again! Miley's dad Billy Ray Cyrus wants everyone to calm and says Miley was just having fun like many girls her age do and that he is proud of his daughter and the kind of art she makes. Good for him! People need to relax! (Source: USWeekly)
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Katy Perry Dishes Out News on Music Video & Wedding!

Tuesday 8:36 AM, 11/05/2010
We can't wait to see what these two wear for their wedding they have such unique style!
Wow its a good week for Katy Perry so far! She just released her latest single called "California Gurls" featuring Snoop Dogg himself plus as you saw yesterday she has just been named 2010's hottest woman alive by Maxim magazine! If that wasn't enough she is also planning her dream wedding with the love of her life sexy Russell Brand! Katy says the couple are planning a small and intimate wedding ceremony with just their very closest friends and family, but afterwards they are planning on throwing a really big party for everyone else! Oh and guess who is designing her wedding dress?! Katy revealed she is talking to Christian Dior designer John Galliano himself because one of Katy and Russell's first dates was at a Galliano showing for Fashion Week! We are so jealous! (Source:

In case you haven't heard the new song yet:
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Kylie Minogue's Nearly Naked Crowd!

Monday 10:48 PM, 10/05/2010
Wow! Looking hot Kylie!
Kylie Minogue shot a new music video in Los Angeles yesterday and it was a total spectacle! Of course it wasn't your normal everyday kind of video, this is Kylie we are talkiing about. She stood on top of a nearly naked crowd of dancers and danced around in a little ripped up bandage top and bikini pants! Take a look at these pics - we can't wait to see how the whole video turns out!
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Jonas Brothers Do What They Do Best!

Friday 10:21 AM, 07/05/2010
Hottie Joe! Love his style Rocking it out! Brotherly love
The cutest boy band in the world went back to their roots yesterday! We spotted the Jonas Brothers doing what they love most - playing live at the Pacific Palisades yesterday in Los Angeles to an audience full of screaming fans! Joe Jonas and his brothers Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas rocked it for the filming of a new music video and we have to say they looked hot doing it! Even though we think they are talented musicians we have to say we just love looking at them! Enjoy the pics!
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Miley Cyrus New Video: "Can't Be Tamed" is Here!

Wednesday 8:35 AM, 05/05/2010
Looking hot!
While Miley Cyrus shopped with her friends in Los Angeles yesterday, her brand new music video called "Can't be tamed" was being launched exclusively on her Myspace page and on E!Online. We have the video here for you to see and you may notice the gorgeous metal and peacock feather corset outfit she is wearing. Its made out of pure silver and is worth $25,000! It was designed by "The Blonds" and featured on their Fall 2010 catwalk show. Take a look! (Source: USWeekly and E!)


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Christina Aguileras New Music Video Drama!

Tuesday 1:06 PM, 04/05/2010
Xtina! Christina or Gaga? Christina or Madonna?
So have you seen the latest Christina Aguilera video? Its called "Not Myself Tonight" and its causing a lot of fuss for two reasons. One is that people are accusing Christina of directly copying artists like Madonna and Lady Gaga and the second is that some moms are shocked by the super sexual images. So here is the clip for you to see, we think its pretty obvious that Christina has been influenced by Madonna's "Express Yourself" video and that Lady Gaga's style has inspired Christina to bring Xtina back...but so what?! Christina has been around for ages and is still a great singer and who hasn't been inspired by Madonna or Gaga right? Share your thoughts!
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