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Miley Cyrus New Video: "Can't Be Tamed" is Here!

Wednesday 8:35 AM, 05/05/2010
Looking hot!
While Miley Cyrus shopped with her friends in Los Angeles yesterday, her brand new music video called "Can't be tamed" was being launched exclusively on her Myspace page and on E!Online. We have the video here for you to see and you may notice the gorgeous metal and peacock feather corset outfit she is wearing. Its made out of pure silver and is worth $25,000! It was designed by "The Blonds" and featured on their Fall 2010 catwalk show. Take a look! (Source: USWeekly and E!)


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Christina Aguileras New Music Video Drama!

Tuesday 1:06 PM, 04/05/2010
Xtina! Christina or Gaga? Christina or Madonna?
So have you seen the latest Christina Aguilera video? Its called "Not Myself Tonight" and its causing a lot of fuss for two reasons. One is that people are accusing Christina of directly copying artists like Madonna and Lady Gaga and the second is that some moms are shocked by the super sexual images. So here is the clip for you to see, we think its pretty obvious that Christina has been influenced by Madonna's "Express Yourself" video and that Lady Gaga's style has inspired Christina to bring Xtina back...but so what?! Christina has been around for ages and is still a great singer and who hasn't been inspired by Madonna or Gaga right? Share your thoughts!
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Was this Michael Jackson's secret Boyfriend?!

Friday 1:10 PM, 30/04/2010
This is Jason Pfeiffer, a former dermatologist's assistant who has just come out with the shocking claim that he was Michael Jackson's boyfriend! Jason says he was with Michael right up until the day he died last year and that the two were very passionately involved. Jason says the were introduced by Michael's famous friend Dr Arnold Klein and that they felt like soul mates as soon as they met. Jason says he knows Michael loved him, even though he never went public with their relationship. What we want to know, is why Jason is cominig out with this now? Why not let Michael rest in peace? Jason says he wanted to tell the truth because he thinks Michael would have approved of that...strange. Here is a clip from his interview with Extra:

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Snooki Gets Into Miami Food Fight!

Monday 8:36 AM, 26/04/2010
Don't get on Snooki's bad side, she willl punch you!
Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi, better known as Snooki, is up to her crazy dramatic ways again! Yesterday while partying at Ocean's 10 bar with her co-stars and in between filming shots for the show, Snooki lost her temper with a guy big time! The guy started bothering her and aggressively flirting, but Snooki was having none of it. Eventually when the guy whispered something in her ear at her table, she threw some of her food in his face! Then she slapped him twice and finished off by throwing her drink at him too!

The guy returned the favour and emptied his bright pink drink on Snooki too, but security arrived to take him away before things got even worse! Snooki is going totally wild in Miami this season. Crazy!( For the video of the incident click here!)
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The Jonas Brothers Go Dark and Sexy!

Thursday 6:18 PM, 22/04/2010
mean Joe! Nick Jonas sexy! Nick the deep thinker!
We spotted the Jonas Brothers Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas in San Pedro, California yesterday shootinig scenes for a music video. They were looking more dark and broody and sexy than usual in their black coats and serious looks into the cameras as the film crew shot around them. We like the new sexy look on them a lot, especially Joe! Yum!
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Pixie Lott Isn't Really on the Phone!

Sunday 1:02 AM, 18/04/2010
British popstar Pixie Lott films her new music video in Downtown LA with a classic car and struts down a sidewalk sporting a form fitting black dress and black heeled boots.
British pop sensation Pixie Lott filmed her new video in Los Angeles yesterday and looked hot as usual in a formfitting black dress and fringed vest! Pixie filmed scenes all over downtown LA and did everything from ride around in a classic car to pretend to talk on a pay phone. We can't wait to see the result!
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