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Lady Gaga and Kanye West Cancel Tour!

Friday 8:30 AM, 02/10/2009
That didn't take long! Just days after releasing their sexy promo video, Lady Gaga and Kanye West have announced their Fall "Fame Kills" tour that was supposed to start next month and travel all over the world, is off! People who have already bought tickets will be refunded. No official reason has been given for exactly why the tour is off, but we hear it definitely has something to do with Kanye West's huge temper and ego outbursts like we all saw live at the MTV Video Music Awards last month! What a pity, we thought that tour going to be hot! (Source:
Assoiciated Press)
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Lady Gaga and Kanye West Get Naked!

Tuesday 7:06 AM, 29/09/2009
Lady Gaga and Kanye West Get Naked!
Yes that is Kanye underneath her!
Hip Hop bad boy Kanye West has decided to take new smash hit artist Lady Gaga on tour with him this fall and these two seem to make a hot (and strange) combination! Just look at their tour promo teaser video! All you see is a naked Lady Gaga with Kanye's hand moving underneath her! It looks like Lady Gaga's controversial sexy performances have rubbed off on Kanye big time! The tour is called "Fame Kills" and is coming to a city near you soon! Check out the the wierd promo below:

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LAX: The Biggest Celebrity Hotspot Of All!

Monday 7:44 PM, 28/09/2009
Chace Crawford Mark Wahlberg Lauren Conrad Hugh Grant Blake Lively Nadine Coyle Anastacia Vanessa Minnillo Taylor Lautner
Part of being in showbiz means a whole lot of travelling! Just ask the stars! They have to travel all around doing shows, promoting movies and of course filming videos, TV shows and movies! That is why LAX is always teaming with celebs and this weekend there were some super hot right now stars coming and going out of Los Angeles' most famous airport! We spotted High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, Gossip Girl actors Chace Crawford and Blake Lively, British actor Hugh Grant and even Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner, all in varying states of travel mode just in a few hours of each other!
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Matt Damon Flips Out at Adrian Grenier!

Monday 2:31 PM, 28/09/2009
Could this be a side of the usually sweet and funny Matt Damon we haven't seen before?! Matt came onto the set of Entourage the other day to direct a public service ad for his charity starring Adrian and some video footage has been leaked on the net showing Matt being rude and nasty to Adrian about his acting skills! It was so bad Adrian's co-star Jeremy Piven was trying to keep the peace between the two guys. We thought it was just a scene from an upcoming Entourage episode, but it seems so real! Take a look and tell us what you think! (Source: Gawker)


Is this real or just acting?

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Robbie Williams: The Big Comeback Begins!

Thursday 10:47 PM, 24/09/2009
Robbie Williams: The Big Comeback Begins!
Robbie Williams has been out of the spotlight for you a few years now, fighting depression and drug addiction, but now he is back and he is in love too! His new video single is called "Bodies" and has just been released. It is already getting very mixed reviews! Some people thinks its brilliant and think Robbie is going back to his roots while others hate it, saying Robbie has sold out and made bad pop music just to make money. Take a listen and share your opinion!


The new Robbie song:

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Fashion Battle!

Who Wore it Best?

Thursday 2:33 PM, 24/09/2009
The battle of the fabulous shoes! Both Hollywood hottie Megan Fox and pop sensation Katy Perry have dared to wear these 14cm heels lately! Megan wore hers back in June in New York while promoting the new Tranformers movie while Katy was seen wearing them while shooting her new music video this week. Who do you think wore the shoes best?


Who wore it best?

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