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Lady Gaga Speaks Out!

Thursday 9:24 AM, 03/06/2010
Lady Gaga doesn't often open up about herself so we were delighted to hear that she was going to be interviewed by the legendary Larry King! Gaga who was recently named the number one most influential person in the world of Times Magazine spoke about her planned collaboration with Michael Jackson, her health and her wish to someday die on stage! Check out the interview in its entirety here and watch the video below!

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Spain Loves Miley!

Tuesday 4:02 PM, 01/06/2010
Congrats Miley!
Miley Cyrus' latest album "Can't Be Tamed" has just been released and its already gone platinum! She was in Spain yesterday to meet her fans over there and there was a huge crowd gathered at the Villamagna Hotel where she was presented with her platinum plaque. Congrats Miley, not just Spain loves you, you're on top of the world!

Here is the video for the title song from the album:
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Miley is Too Hot Too Handle!

Monday 4:05 PM, 24/05/2010
Ooops Miley Cyrus almost had an accident at the Coffee Bean near her home yesterday! The coffee was so hot Miley could barely hold it nevermind try to drink it! We think its kind of funny because Miley has been in trouble with her fans' parents again because of her sexy new music video and her hot lapdancing home video! Looks like everything Milely touches lately is too hot to handle - even the coffee! Heehee!
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Sneak Peak: Rihanna's New Rockstar 101 Video!

Wednesday 2:39 PM, 19/05/2010
Love the makeup look!
Rihanna has the answer to being a rockstar fierce fashion and rocking style both on and off stage! Her latest video from the "R-Rated" album is out and its called "Rockstar 101" and its just as fabulous as everything she has been doing lately we think. But don't just take our word for it, watch the video and rate it by voting!


The Rockstar 101 video:

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Billy Ray Cyrus Defends Miley's Sexy Dance!

Saturday 9:04 AM, 15/05/2010
Miley is lucky her parents are so cool!
Miley Cyrus is in trouble again after a sexy video of her doing a lapdance at the wrap party for her latest movie "The last song". Miley can be seen grinding against her director Adam Shankman and of course the parents of Miley's young fans are shocked and saying Miley is a bad girl again! Miley's dad Billy Ray Cyrus wants everyone to calm and says Miley was just having fun like many girls her age do and that he is proud of his daughter and the kind of art she makes. Good for him! People need to relax! (Source: USWeekly)
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Latest news!

Katy Perry Dishes Out News on Music Video & Wedding!

Tuesday 8:36 AM, 11/05/2010
We can't wait to see what these two wear for their wedding they have such unique style!
Wow its a good week for Katy Perry so far! She just released her latest single called "California Gurls" featuring Snoop Dogg himself plus as you saw yesterday she has just been named 2010's hottest woman alive by Maxim magazine! If that wasn't enough she is also planning her dream wedding with the love of her life sexy Russell Brand! Katy says the couple are planning a small and intimate wedding ceremony with just their very closest friends and family, but afterwards they are planning on throwing a really big party for everyone else! Oh and guess who is designing her wedding dress?! Katy revealed she is talking to Christian Dior designer John Galliano himself because one of Katy and Russell's first dates was at a Galliano showing for Fashion Week! We are so jealous! (Source:

In case you haven't heard the new song yet:
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