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Seriously Rihanna?

Sunday 10:09 AM, 26/09/2010
For those of us who thought (and hoped) that Rihanna's red hair was just something she did for the MTV Video Music Awards these pictures are a bit of a disappointment! We spotted the singer leaving Ago restaurant in Hollywood yesterday with her hair looking like it was on fire and wearing a very questionable top. Maybe turn it down a few notches Ri-Ri?
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Taylor Momsen Undressing in her Latest Video!

Friday 9:36 PM, 24/09/2010
Underwear in the street of course! The black makeup actually looks kinda cool here!
Have you seen Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen in her latest video for "make we wanna die"? Its exactly what you would expect from Taylor, she gets undressed and ends up in her underwear and her eyes are as black as ever! Do you love it or hate it?
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The video:

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Katy Perry on Sesame Street: The Cutest Ever!

Tuesday 4:03 PM, 21/09/2010
Katy is hilarious!
We just saw the sweetest Katy Perry video ever! She did a special version of her hit song "Hot and Cold" with Elmo from Sesame Street and we think she did an amazing job! We just love Katy's kitsch-cutesy style, we hope you do too! Take a look at the video below.
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The VMAs: The Biggest Shock Moments!

Monday 8:47 AM, 13/09/2010
Lilo back to her natural hair colour! Chelsea Handler & Lindsay Lohan acting out in their skit Chelsea and the Jersey Shore crew Justin Bieber
Last night's MTV Video Music Awards at the Nokio Theater in Hollywood was jam packed full of amazing performances, crazy Gaga outfits and fun jokes by hostess Chelsea Handler. In case you missed it here are some of our favourite moments!

Lindsay Lohan appeared in the opening skit with Chelsea, making fun of her own drunken party habits and we thought she did a great job, good for her for laughing at herself! Lady Gaga walked away with the most awards last night, picking up a huge 10 moon men! The best of Gaga had to be when she picked her final award in an all meat outfit and asked Cher to hold her meat handbag while she made her speech! Crazy!

There was no big Kanye West/Taylor Swift moment unfortunately, they both performed live, but totally seperately. Taylor's song "innocent" was so clearly about Kanye and his not being able to grow up, that we think she got her revenge! Justin Bieber performed and won the award for best new artist, but we think her lip-synced the whole thing! No! Rihanna and Eminem opened the show with a duet and we think they rocked! Check it out below and look out for the full red carpet breakdown later on! (Source: E!
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Emma Watson Has a Passion For Fair Trade Fashion!

Saturday 9:20 AM, 28/08/2010
So cute! We love her style!
Harry Potter star Emma Watson is the face the British Fair Trade brand People Tree and even though she didn't collaborate on the actual designs for the collection she is modelling, she chose a lot of the fabrics! Emma even travelled all the way to Bangladesh to find special Fair Trade fabrics and tried her hand at a factory sewing machine too. Now that's passion! Take a look at the video from Emma's adventure!
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Speidi Busted: Together in Costa Rica!

Tuesday 12:56 PM, 24/08/2010
Still together!
Gotcha! For a couple who claim to fighting over their divorce Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were looking pretty cosy in Costa Rica together this weekend at a resort! Spencer told the world that he will sell a sex tape of Heidi if she doesn't get back together with him and do a reality show, but Heidi has been refusing.

So with all this fighting, why are they together in Costa Rica? Spencer claims he was just bringing two dogs to Heidi, who is living there at the moment and Heidi says she let Spencer help her with the move and now he is refusing to leave. Oh please, when are these two just going to admit that everything they do is a publicity stunt. They have obviously been caught now! Watch the video of the paparazzi catching them together in Costa Rica here
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