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Kelis Doesn't Disappoint!

Sunday 12:00 PM, 03/10/2010
Very few artists are as fun to see live as Kelis and she didn't disappoint yesterday either! The signer showed up on stage at Sheperd's Bush Empire in London, England, wearing a blingd out silver catsuit and giving the crowd exactly what they wanted! Check out the video below that one of her fans filmed!
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Shakira's Hot New Body - Check out the Video!

Friday 10:28 AM, 01/10/2010
Shakira has always been super sexy to us, but have you seen her latest music video "Loca" featuring Dizzee Rascal?! She is leaner and has built some serious ab muscles! Wow! She looks totally hot, but we did love those curves too...what do you think?


The new Shakira:

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Seal & Heidi Klum's "Secret" Nude Music Video - Hot or Not?

Thursday 8:42 PM, 30/09/2010
Sexy sweet or are they making your eyes roll?
Have you seen the music video for Seal's latest song "Secret"? It is a steamy, sexy video where he and his supermodel wife Heidi Klum get naked together! Some people are saying its a bit much and way too private and did we really have to see this? The couple on the other hand think its a beautiful gift to their children and recording of their love for each other. Here is the video - we are dying to know what you think!
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The video:

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Rihanna's New Look - Hot or Not?

Wednesday 4:06 PM, 29/09/2010
That is a lot of hair!
Have you seen Rihanna's latest longer hair look? We spotted her over the weekend and we hoped it was just for the music video she has been shooting, but here she is again last night and the longer electric red hair is still there. Rihanna was out to dinner at Da Silvano's in New York City and she is looking pretty comfy with her hairdo. What do you think, should she keep it?


Rihanna long red locks:

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Lilo's In Rehab - Mom Dina Wants Conservatorship!

Wednesday 8:46 AM, 29/09/2010
Maybe someone should be in charge of Lindsay - but not those parents!
Now that Lindsay Lohan is safely in a rehab centre in California until she has to be in court again on October 22, her parents are back to the trashy public fighting ways! Lindsay's father Michael Lohan went to Radar Online yesterday to announce that Lindsay's mom Dina Lohan is trying to get a Britney Spears' style conservatorship over Lindsay's life.

As most of you know, Britney's finances and her whole life basically, has been under her father's care for the last 2 years after her big meltdown and now Michael Lohan says Dina wants to do the same for Lilo. It sounds like Michael is upset that he won't get to be in charge of Lindsay's finances, as he keeps saying that he just wants the best for Lindsay and won't try and control her career. We feel sorry for Lindsay with parents like these, no wonder she is so messed up! (watch the video interview with Michael here)
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Seriously Rihanna?

Sunday 10:09 AM, 26/09/2010
For those of us who thought (and hoped) that Rihanna's red hair was just something she did for the MTV Video Music Awards these pictures are a bit of a disappointment! We spotted the singer leaving Ago restaurant in Hollywood yesterday with her hair looking like it was on fire and wearing a very questionable top. Maybe turn it down a few notches Ri-Ri?
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