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Sneak Peak: Kesha's New Music Video Looks FIERCE!

Thursday 11:07 PM, 04/11/2010
Wow! Fierceness!
Love her or hate her, you have to admit Ke$ha aka Kesha knows exactly what she wants! We were just sent these pictures hot off the set of her new music video! Is being shot in Los Angeles at the moment and its typical Kesha! Animal print, glitter makeup and rock chic messiness. We have to say we kind of fell in love with these photos. We are not toally sold on her music so much, but we can't wait to see this video!
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Jessica Szohr: "I would suffer for the right shoe"

Saturday 9:06 AM, 30/10/2010
and a bit of a miss sometimes!
Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr is the new face of Asos and is definitely out to prove that she is just as much of a fashionista as the rest of the show's stars! She says that even though she is actually a jeans and T shirt kind of girl, her love of fashion will make her suffer for the right shoes! Check out this behind the scenes video for Jessica's work with Asos!
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Katy's Perry's Exploding Music Video!

Friday 5:11 PM, 29/10/2010
She knows how to put on a show!
We just saw the video for Katy Perry's latest single "Firework" and like the title, it literally explodes! In the video Katy has a dress that is actually letting out fireworks! Take a look at the video and see what we mean, also don't forget to vote on whether you like the song and video or not!
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Katy's Firework video?

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What is Rihanna Doing with Drake?!

Thursday 10:58 PM, 28/10/2010
All business! What's going on? Drake cuteness!
We spotted Rihanna in New York City laughing and fooling around with fellow singing sensation Drake last night! Don't worry though, Ri-Ri isn't cheating on her boyfriend Matt Kemp! She and Drake are shooting the music video for their collaboration song "What's my Name" and even though they looked like they were having a ton of fun, we are sure its all strictly professional! What is with the weird tights though Rihanna?! Her thighs look so strange!
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Taylor Momsen Flashes on Stage!

Monday 10:55 PM, 25/10/2010
So seirous! Slave? Reallly? Love it or hate it?
Is Taylor Momsen's bad girl image getting a little too try hard? While on stage with her band The Pretty Reckless in New York City this weekend, she pulled opened her top and flashed her breasts while singing, luckily she was wearing nipple pasties, so she didn't reveal all exactly, but she is definitely making a statement. She is not sweet 16 anymore! Taylor also switched up her usual black smokey makeup look for a pinky/red eye and check out the "SLAVE" necklace. Its all getting a much now right?!

Here is a clip from the "incident" on stage:
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Kanye West releases 34,5-minute music video!

Monday 9:34 PM, 25/10/2010
Selita Ebanks and Kanye West
Now we realise why Kanye West has been spending so much time with Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks lately, they've been shooting a music video together! The film titled Runway originally set out to be the world's longest music video, surpassing Michael Jackson's 39-minute one, but Kanye had a strike of humbleness and decided to let Michael keep his title, instead paying tribute to him in the video and settling for a respectable second place!

The video which is sure to keep you entertained contains everything from professional ballerinas to major explosions and the the plot line? A phoenix crashes down to earth and Kanye makes it his girlfriend! Interesting eh? The video was only released this Saturday but already people are in major debates as to whether the video is genius, or just plain stupid. We guess only time will tell if we've got a true classic on our hands!


Kanye's new video is...

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