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Rihanna's Strange Stripper Birthday Surprise!

Tuesday 2:31 PM, 23/02/2010
Strange but cool!
Singer Rihanna celebrated her birthday with friends this weekend in Arizona at a private house party organised by Rihanna's rumoured boyfriend L.A. Dodgers player Matt Kemp. We all know Rihanna for her strange sense of style, but it looks like she has a pretty strange sense of humour! The main event at the party was a little mini stripper arriving to give a Rihanna a private dance in front of all her friends! Of course the dance was done to one of Rihanna's own songs - "hard" too! You can go and view a video taken live that viewed on TMZ here. Weird but kind of funny!
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Lady Gaga Telephone Video - Sneak Peak!

Wednesday 9:30 PM, 17/02/2010
Ooh hair telephone! Love it!
Fans will know that Lady Gaga has a new single "Telephone" coming out on March 3rd! She sang a bit of the new song at the Brit Awards last night, but the original also features R&B diva Beyonce. The two ladies recently shot the music video for the new track too and it will be released in March too. But if like us, you can't wait til March, here is a little sneak peak from behind the scenes! Enjoy!
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Cool guy

Joe Jonas Solo?

Tuesday 6:37 PM, 16/02/2010
So cute!
It looks like Nick Jonas is not the only one of the Jonas Brothers doing his own thing with music at the moment! We spotted his older brother Joe Jonas a Sunset Restaurant in Malibu yesterday, filming a music video and there was no sign of the other brothers! Joe was really getting into it too, he looked really cute singing his heart out!
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What a babe!

Beyonce Dresses Up For Alicia Keys!

Thursday 6:40 PM, 11/02/2010
Sexy! Love this outfit on her! Wow!
Oooh this is going to be fabulous! Alicia Keys has recorded a song featuring Beyonce called "Put it in a love song" and its such a fun hit, the ladies are now recording a video for it! Beyonce was spotted in Brazil yesterday shooting scenes for the music video here, she was gorgeous all dressed up in a traditional rumba outfit! Take a look and listen to the song too!
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Lady Gaga & Doda - New BFFs?

Tuesday 5:16 PM, 09/02/2010
The Lady Gaga live Doda at the MTV Europe Awards
When we saw Polish pop queen Doda at the MTV Europe Awards last year, we thought she had a kind of similar look to Lady Gaga and we weren't the only ones who noticed! Lady Gaga herself has noticed that she and Doda may have a few things in common! So Lady Gaga and Doda are going to meet! We are thinking that any two girls who share a love for crazy silver leotards and Alexander McQueen shoes were meant to be best friends! So Doda is going to be a guest at an upcoming Lady Gaga concert and the ladies will hang out afterwards. Does this mean a Lady Gaga-Doda song and video? We hope so!
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Jessica Simpson Wants Shoes For Haiti!

Wednesday 1:15 PM, 27/01/2010
Jessica Simpson Wants Shoes For Haiti!
Golden girl
We think its great how many celebrities have done whatever they can to help the people of Haiti who were devastated by massive earthquakes lately! The lastest star to lend a hand is Jessica Simpson. Instead of just donating money, Jessica has a specific mission - she wants to send the poor people of Haiti some much-needed shoes! Jessica has teamed up with the charity Soles4Souls and hopes to collect atleast 50 000 pairs! Spoken like a true shoe-lover, we think this is a great idea Jessica, good luck! go to to make a donation and see Jessica's cool video blog!
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