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Video! They're Back! Here's The Trailer For The Hangover Part III!

Monday 12:45 PM, 11/03/2013
They're back! We wonder what will happen this time around...
We know you guys have waited for long and so have we - but here it finally is, the trailer for The Hangover Part III! Stu, Alan, Phil and Do...READ MORE ▶
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VIDEO! Justin Bieber Explodes At Paparazzi: “I’ll Beat F*ck Out Of You!”

Saturday 3:00 PM, 09/03/2013
The Bieber drama continues! The past months have not exactly been a piece of cake for JB, who has gotten into more controversial context. Yesterday...READ MORE ▶
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VIDEO! Beyonce And Salma Hayek Show Their Support In Gucci's Chime For Change!

Sunday 6:17 PM, 03/03/2013
Who run the world? GIRLS! This is such an amazing initiative and a good ability to take action for global justice. Beyonce and Salma Hayek have ann...READ MORE ▶
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Here You Can Finally One Direction's Clothes!

Tuesday 2:53 PM, 26/02/2013
Wanna buy Zayn's shirt? Or maybe Niall's shoes?
Do you wanna get closer to One Direction than everyone else? Well here's your chance! The five boyband stars are now auctioning their cloth...READ MORE ▶
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Video! Jennifer Lawrence Falls Down When Accepting Her Oscar!

Monday 1:01 PM, 25/02/2013
She just fell down! She handled it perfectly and with grace!
Jennifer Lawrence had both good and bad luck, during yesterday's 2013 Oscars gala. The actress won an award for Best Actress, but when she w...READ MORE ▶
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Make Way For The Queen! The Extended Teaster For Beyonces Tour Is Released!

Sunday 12:28 AM, 24/02/2013
Wow, she really puts "The Queen" In Queen Bey with this one! The new extended teaser of Beyonce's selling out world tour is here and she absolutely proves why she deserces her queenly title. In a Marie Antoinette-inspiread number she promotes her upcoming tour in the most beylicious way thinkable! We are not suggesting that you check the video, it's a commanding. Such things can't be missed.

Psst... Notice Jay’s face all up in her royal jewels! LOVE!
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