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VIDEO! One Direction Wants YOUR Help Fight Poverty!

Sunday 7:16 PM, 17/02/2013
We love it when celebrities show off their charitable sides and make an action for change, and right know, we couldn't be prouder of our boys in On...READ MORE ▶
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RiRi, You're Not The First! Here Are All Bathtub Music Videos!

Friday 5:13 PM, 15/02/2013
Britney Spears pretended to be a suicidal star in her music video Everytime, from 2004. Gwen Stefani's hit song 4 In The Morning is also remembered by the music video. Lady Gaga's music videos are ALWAYS something extra, and Marry The Night was no exception. The 14-minute-video includes a long bathtub scene with Miss Gaga. Nicki Minaj has also tried the bathtub scene in a music video, I Am Your Leader. A colorful video, what else? Mariah Carey tried to seduce her audience with the music video Shake It Off. We're not quite sure if she succeeded.
We were surprised with Rihannas new music video "Stay" since it was very different from what she usually does, and really artistic. But sitting naked in a bathtub? No, that's not something new. We decided we'd make a list of all singers who've done it before her - so click on the pics and check out all music videos shot in a bath tub!
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Check Out Jay-Z And Justin Timberlake's New Suit & Tie Video Here!

Thursday 4:36 PM, 14/02/2013
We love .... .. how hot they are!
Well here's something brand new - literally! Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake just released their new Suit & Tire music video only minutes ago, a...READ MORE ▶
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Video! Here's The First Trailer For One Direction's 3D Movie!

Tuesday 8:39 PM, 12/02/2013
How adorable were they?! "I've always wanted a baby brother, now I have four of them!"
Hey Directioners out there! We know you can't wait to see the upcoming movie 1D in 3D about One Direction, but now we have the pleasure of ...READ MORE ▶
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Video! Rihanna Completely Naked In New Music Video 'Stay'!

Tuesday 4:21 PM, 12/02/2013
Rihanna's new music video is out!
Have you seen Rihanna's new music video "Stay"? We love her new tune and think it's a really beautiful ballad, and now she's released the vi...READ MORE ▶
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How Taylor Swift Totally Dissed Harry Styles At Grammys Performance!

Monday 4:48 PM, 11/02/2013
We wonder if he saw the performance? It was hilarious!
Yea, Taylor Swift, we know how you love dissing your old boyfriends in songs - but this time it's actually kinda funny! Yesterday night, Ta...READ MORE ▶
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