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Hilarious! Khloe Kardashian And Kris Jenner Sumo Wrestling!

Friday 7:08 PM, 16/08/2013
Khloe Kardashian visited her mother Kris Jenner on her talkshow on Thursday night, where Kris forced her to dress up in a sumo wrestler body...READ MORE ▶
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Video! Lea Michele's Tearful Speech To Cory Monteith At Teen Choice Awards!

Monday 11:15 AM, 12/08/2013
Lea Michele won an award for Best Actress on her first public appearance since the tragic death of her boyfriend Cory Monteith, yesterday at...READ MORE ▶
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Lady Gaga Is Stark Naked In New Strange Video!

Friday 1:14 AM, 09/08/2013
Lady Gaga has done it again. Complexly shock us that is! This time the singer has released a video where she pays tribute to performance art...READ MORE ▶
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WATCH: Glee's Memorial Card For Cory Monteith!

Sunday 8:00 AM, 04/08/2013
It has been three weeks since Glee star Cory Montheith sadly passed away, but the memory of him still remains in the hearts of fans, friend...READ MORE ▶
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Watch KStew Raging At Paparazzo: ”You Don’t Deserve To Breath The Same Air I Do”!

Wednesday 9:13 PM, 31/07/2013
Having a bad day and having to deal with paparazzi is not the best of combinations-ask Kristen Stewart. The Twilight-star was hiding from th...READ MORE ▶
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Best Song Ever- Check Out What Went On Behind The Scenes!

Wednesday 8:31 AM, 31/07/2013
You’ve seen One Direction’s hilarious video for the new single Best Song Ever, right? In the video, which now has over 43 million views on Y...READ MORE ▶
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