Victoria Silvstedt surprisingly classy!

Wednesday 5:21 PM, 10/09/2008
Victoria Silvstedt surprisingly classy!

Nice outfit

Nice outfit

But still very much breast

But still very much breast
The Swedish beauty Victoria Silvstedt is known for her blond her and big breast. As a former Miss Sweden, Playboy bunny and party princess we are not used to see her in conservative clothes, but she surprised everybody with a classy outfit when she showed up on Joanna Mastroianni's fashion show in New York.
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slfjhljs(non member) 1
16/09/2008 10:05 PM
omg i haaate her!!

ciaao(non member) 2
30/03/2010 7:06 PM
Thi is very very very very very beautiful!!secondo
me è la più bella del

me(non member) 3
08/12/2013 10:21 AM
nice tits

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