Celebrity Spring Trend: Neon-Alicious!

Are you a big fan of the new neon trend? We really dig it! We love to stand out from the crowd, just like Sarah Jessica Parker and Nikki Reed. Do you want to be a part of the rainbow this spring? Click on the pics and get some great inspiration!
Tyra Banks hot purple gala gown bare shoulders red lipstick
We'd love to wear Gwyneth's cute hot Pink dress.
Sarah Jessica Parker neon yellow chiffon dress silver shoes smiling tan
Tyra Banks in a cool color.
Victoria Beckham orange long sleeved dress
Sarah Jessica Parker is the definition of fresh.
Jessica Alba peach purple dress lipstick bangles clutch
Lady Gaga neon green pink dress teletubbie hat hot pink sunglasses
We don't like your dress but we love the colors, Jessica Alba!
Nikki Reed long neon yellow dress black leather jacket red lipstick
Lady Gaga never surprises anyone with her outfits anymore.
Vanessa Hudgens hot orange dress long golden bracelet
We want your whole outfit, Nikki Reed!
Katy Perry blue hair blue jacket pill purse sunglasses
Hot in red, Vanessa Hudgens.
Gwyneth Paltrow hot pink dress pink shoes blonde hair smokey eyes
Blue, bluer, Katy Perry.
Heidi Klum yellow dress golden heels smiling tan
Source: WENN.com
Heidi Klum in a little yellow dress.
Published Mar 29 2012 7:03 PM
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