Victoria Beckham

17 April 1974, Hertfordshire, England
40 years

Corey Haim, David Beckham
Victoria Beckham is a singer/designer/footballers wife who became famous as Posh from the group Spice Girls. She married footballer David Beckham in 1999 and they now have three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. Victoria is also a designer for her own brand dVb and has designed jeans for the brand Rock & Republic.

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Top 6! Plastic Surgery Gone Bad Straight From Hollywood!

Wednesday 9:15 PM, 22/08/2012
We wonder why Katie Price (Jordan), got those big b**bies in the first place. She looked much better before! Megan Fox has changed her looks a bit over the years using plastic surgery. You look kinda dead today, much better before! Donatella Versace. Why? Victoria Beckham.
We often wonder why perfectly cute girls chose to have plastic surgery. You're all beautiful and you know that, that's the most important thing! Some celebrities chose to change their whole appearance using plastic surgery, and most often things go completely wrong! We've listed celebs like Heidi Montag and Donatella Versace that never should've went under the knife from the first place. Click on the pics and check them out- it's both a bit fun and very tragic!
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Then & Now: Spice Girls!

Monday 7:01 PM, 13/08/2012
THEN: Geri Halliwell was at first called Sexy Spice but as the record label wanted to launch the group to a younger audience, she changed her stage name to Ginger Spice. Even with the new nick she was the outspoken, provokative hottie of the group. Since the split, Geri released three soloalbums and had a hit with single "It's Raining Men" in 2001.

NOW: In May 2006 Geri gave birth to daughter Bluebell Madonna. Sacha Gervasi is reportedly the child's father, but this is unconfirmed by Geri. In 2010, Geri stood in as a guest judge on British The X Factor for Dannii Minogue at the Glasgow auditions and then again in 2012 at the Liverpool auditions. Geri is said to be working on her fourth studio solo album. The group singed a multimillion deal with Pepsi and appeared on their events worldwide. THEN: Emma Bunton was Baby Spice, the cutie of the group. Her style was girly and childish with piggytails and pink ribbons. She was the youngest member and loved for her smiley babydoll persona.

NOW: In 2006 Emma finished third on the tv-programme "Strictly Come Danceing". She has played minor roles in Bollywood films and tv-series as well as presented tv shows in the UK. Emma will appear in a duet on Mel C's new album. In 1998, Geri unexpectedly left the group in the middle of numerous rumors. The four remaining members released their third album Forever in 2000. THEN: Victoria Adams was Posh Spice. As we all know she married footballer David and became a Beckham. In Spice Girls Victoria was the quiet, shy one that went unnoticed. But after the split she took revenge...

NOW: becoming the most successful ex-Spice. Victoria is a designer, fashionista and entreprenour. She has launched perfumes, jeans and runway clothing. Business woman Victoria is by far the most famous among the girls today. This fall Spice Girls The Musical will open at the Piccadilly Theatre in London. THEN: Melanie "Mel B" Brown was Scary Spice. Her out-going persona and cocky attitude made her the girl that stood out the most. She always had an answer to anything and spoke her mind freely.

NOW: Mel B was involved in a headlines scandal as she became pregnant with american actor Eddie Murphy's child in 2006. Eddie initially refused to accept custody but later confirmed it's his baby. On a professional level, Mel B has been seen in small acting roles and as a judge on Australian The X Factor. Who was your favorite Spice Girl? THEN: Melanie "Mel C" Chisholm was Sporty Spice. She dressed in trainers, sporty bras and tracksuits. She would do handsprings on stage and give out an active energy.

NOW: When Spice Girls broke up, Mel C had a successful solo career for a couple of years. She then disappeared from the spotlight and battled eating disorders. In 2009 Mel C gave birth to baby girl Scarlet Star. Her new solo album "Stages" will be released in September.
Spice Girls rocked our socks at The Olympics closing ceremony yesterday with "Wannabe" and "Spice Up Your Life". But do you remember how it all started?! Click on the pictures to see Spice Girls then and now!
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Spice Girls - Wannabe/Spice Up Your Life (Olympic Studio Mix)

Monday 5:01 PM, 13/08/2012
Yea, we admit, we have the worst Spice Girls-fever today (feeling totally nostalgic!), and we bet it'll last for a looong time now! Their performance at the Olympics was so epic and we're watching it over and over again. Have you heard their Olympic Studio Mix with hit songs 'Wannabe' and 'Spice Up Your Life'? Listen below, it's awesome!
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Spice Girls Reunited At The Olympics Closing Ceremony!

Monday 8:08 AM, 13/08/2012
Soooo awesome!
This was so NOT what we expected! During the Olympics Closing Ceremony in London five London cabs drove onto the stage, and guess what fantastic fi...READ MORE ▶
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Hair Inspiration: Victoria Beckham!

Saturday 12:02 PM, 04/08/2012
Victoria looks effortlessly stylish in her simple side-ponytail. We love this edgy and mature look!  Victoria looks grown up in her gorgeously shimmering ‘do and we absolutely like it. We love this off-duty style! A perfect everyday ponytail! She looks absolutely gorgeous in ultra-long, glossy brunette waves and we adore this loose and wavy look. Fab! She looks so beautiful in her loose side braid!
Victoria Beckham is quit a chameleon when it comes to hairstyles! The former spice girl has always experimented with stylishly snipped hairdos and that's why we love her. We have followed her journey from the chin-length bob of her Spice Girls days to her more natural lengths and picked out 6 favourites! Click on the pictures to check out!
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Victoria Beckham: "Fashion Made Me Stop Smiling!"

Thursday 4:11 PM, 02/08/2012
Are you one of many that wonders why Victoria Beckham never seems to ever smile? Well, then wonder no more! Posh Spice recently revealed the reason...READ MORE ▶
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