Veronica Echegui

16 June 1983, Madrid, Spain
31 years

Veronica Echegui is a Spanish actress. 2009 she was named as one of European films' Shooting Stars by European Film Promotion. She is mostly known for her role in the movie "My name is June".

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What a failure

This Week's 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 6:31 PM, 22/11/2009
8. This old fashioned dress makes Taylor Momsen look almost matronly, when actually she is still a teenager! Those little ankle boots and her hair tied back like that are not helping the situation either! This is how NOT to do vintage! 7. British party girl Emma Chetty hit absolutely no high notes in this bad excuse for an outfit! She wore this horrible high waisted jeans with that unflattering white lace top to a La Coste launch event this week, where everyone else was really chic! 6. This week we heard Paris Hilton is ready to change her image to be more of a real girl for her fans to relate to, so we were quite surprised to see her in yet another hot pink frilly dress at the launch of her new hairstyling products this week! Paris is that ratty hair really the best way to sell a styling product? Umm No! 5. Who comes to a style awards ceremony dressed like a circus performer? Spanish actress Veronica Echegui obviously thinks its fine, but we really don't! 4. Shar Jackson is not exactly known for her amazing fashion sense, but red booties on a red carpet are probably a no-no in everyone's book! Also are those her lacey stocking we can see peeping out of her jeans? Oops! 3. We know Sharon Stone likes to make a statement on the red carpet, but why show up in a gangsta costume to a perfectly ordinary event? We really don't like that trenchcoat over that black net dress with the fedora, its all a bit much Sharon! 2. We love author Stephanie Meyer for bringing us the Twilight Saga books and movies and we get that she is references the whole vampire goth thing with this dress, but someone get this lady a decent stylist! She deserves to wear a dress that actually fits her to her own premiere! 1. Usually we support Beth Ditto and her crazy fashion and how she uses her curves to show that big can be beautiful too, but this dress is taking it a step too far and then some! A brick wall pattern Beth? Really? No!
This week we have a fresh bunch of fashion disasters specially for you. There are a few surprises on this week's list, Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen definitely being the biggest one! We usually love her punk rocker chic style, but at the Twilight Saga: New Moon movie premiere in New York, she really lost her usual edge! Paris Hilton is no stranger to this list, so welcome back Paris, but is she number one again? Have a look and see!


Who is your worst dressed celeb?

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