Vanilla Ice

31 October 1968, Miami Lakes, Florida, USA
46 years

White rapper Vanilla Ice is most famous for the song "Ice Ice Baby". Was arrested for domestic violence.
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Celebrities Scream For Ice Cream!

Wednesday 2:15 AM, 11/07/2012
Jessica Alba is helping her daughter Honor Marie Warren pick out her favorite ice cream toppings! A popsicle are the way to go for Kelly Rowland! Jack Osbourne's fiancee Lisa Stelly took a walk to the ice cream van. What you order, Lisa? Rachel Zoe is piling up on frozen chocolate yoghurt. Yum! Singer Cassie Venture is eating an ice cream sandwich made out of two thick chocolate cookies and vanilla ice, how delicious!
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Is Vanilla Ice Back?!

Monday 6:22 PM, 05/04/2010
The girls sure seemed to enjoy it! Give it up, your "career" was over before it started!
The old rapper Vanilla Ice refuses to acknowledge that his "career" as a rapper is long since over and was entertained a bunch of drunken Irishmen at Dandelion Club in Dublin, Ireland this weekend! As you can see the crowd actually looked happy to have them but then again the Dubliners may be a bit behind when it comes to music, what do we know? Vanilla enjoyed it anyway!
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