Vanessa Hudgens not in her best condition!

Sunday 9:17 PM, 04/01/2009

Is it Vanessa or a ghost?

Is it Vanessa or a ghost?



A little Vanessa in the back...

A little Vanessa in the back...
The normally very fancy dressed Vanessa Hudgens was spotted sipping on a smoothie without any make up! The young actress had just left the gym in the San Fernando Valley in California with her mother, Gina Hudgens and sister, Stella Hudgens. See, even Vanessa doesn't look like a superstar without make up, she is human after all...
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love.tila(non member) 1
29/01/2009 7:05 PM
nobody's perfect! only because she is famous i
doesen't mean that she gonna be perfect or have
chanel- clothes. leave her alone!

Ellaaa(non member) 2
05/01/2009 4:43 PM
omg! you're so right love.tila! listen to her!

wat?!(non member) 3
05/01/2009 8:44 PM
u guys r right but u got 2 admit she does look
kind of bad

johanna(non member) 4
07/01/2009 11:37 AM
hej jag lysnnar på era låtar nu jag är ditt
största fans

Vanssa hugens(non member) 5
08/01/2009 10:35 PM

So.(non member) 6
09/01/2009 1:09 AM
Just beacsue she is famous doesn't mean that she
HAS to wear make-up. She can wear NONE is she
doesn't want to.
Whats all the fuss?

love.tila(non member) 7
10/01/2009 12:25 PM
thanks Ellaaa:)

Vanessa Hudges(non member) 8
10/01/2009 11:10 PM

Karla ^^!(non member) 9
11/01/2009 1:41 AM
Poor girl! maybe she just had a bad day! And, it
happens to anybody! Be a celebrity doesn't mean
that u have to be perfect in every moment!

Karla(non member) 10
11/01/2009 1:48 AM
Wenu, la apariencia es importante, pero si un dia,
kieres verte relajada o no usar muxo makillaje,
esta bn! y q seas celebridad, no t dice q no lo
agas! Dejenla! o sea...!

nikki(non member) 11
12/01/2009 4:03 AM
i agree!!! not every celebrity has to be beautiful
every second of the day!!!

Charlotte Baby.(non member) 12
12/01/2009 7:44 PM
Haaaha , Yeahh Its Truee she dont always have to
wear Make-up.But to be honest She Looks Reaaly Bad
without it!
LOL , andd i aint Hating so dont flip
out people.

erika(non member) 13
12/01/2009 11:19 PM
to late we are flipin out

cool(non member) 14
17/01/2009 12:36 PM
She does look kind of bad but every one has there
bad times right?

cool(non member) 15
17/01/2009 12:37 PM
and i bet that u guys have had your bad times

vanessafan(non member) 16
17/01/2009 8:32 PM
i dont think its bad att all she lks good jst bec
she is a celeb doesnt mean she has 2 wear chanel
and stuff!she is normal leav her!

Ella(non member) 17
19/01/2009 5:48 PM
lol not her best

Teess*(non member) 18
20/01/2009 1:35 AM
seee vee hooriiblee qee maaal seee veee pareece
ubn fantasma o ¿ le hizo maaal la deespeedida de
hsm3? quieen sabbe soolo sabemoos quee se ve
***dayanitaaa*** THEE SUPEERSTAAARS

20/01/2009 1:36 AM
***dayanitaaa*** THEE SUPEERSTAAARS OKK !

20/01/2009 1:36 AM
***dayanitaaa*** THEE SUPEERSTAAARS OKK !

Jonasbrothers (Posh24 member) 21
20/01/2009 5:08 PM
lol,she is just like a ghost

123(non member) 22
22/01/2009 6:32 PM
hoppas dom gör hsm 4,5 ocså dom är bäst

:)(non member) 23
24/01/2009 5:45 PM
She looks pretty okay without it, so it dosent
m,atter really

carmen(non member) 24
25/02/2009 6:13 PM
her outfits r street and ugly

lara(non member) 25
26/01/2009 8:57 PM
She looks great here too.she is not perfekt but
she is realy beatiful....but i like more her
boyfriends x)

Alexandra(non member) 26
30/01/2009 9:27 AM
Leave her alone!!! its prob really HARD to be a

skipper(non member) 27
30/01/2009 8:53 PM
love her outfit! whats wrong with it? i look like
that everyday :P

sandra<3(non member) 28
30/01/2009 11:04 PM

hey(non member) 29
31/01/2009 10:25 AM
Hey Hey... I dont like u vanessa all 2 getha!!!!!

totsi757(stardoll name)(non member) 30
11/02/2009 5:52 PM
She was at a gym, not walking the red carpet, she
doesn't have to be wearing Chanel 24/7, just
because she's not all dressed up doesn't mean she
is having a bad day! She looks AMAZING without

ohdear(non member) 31
15/02/2009 12:01 AM
leave her alone for crying out loud

loveheartaddict on stardoll!!!! :)

comeone(non member) 32
16/02/2009 5:51 PM
come om u guys shes just came back from the gym
its not like shes gona wear an evening gown and
make up i swear the reprters and all are stuiped

clei(non member) 33
20/02/2009 6:03 PM
All the celebrities without make up are not sooo
pretty and cool and hoot. Make-up makes different
a person

EmmyL.(non member) 34
25/02/2009 8:28 PM
Ugly sisters.. sorry =X

jfbhkx bvncdz HXJFV(non member) 35
25/02/2009 9:20 PM
just because she i a celeberty it doesent mean she
has to be perfect. Havent you had a bad day or a
bad hair day? im shore that you are just that ugly
as she, and she is really cute without make up
to!!!!! so please leave her alone you bithces

Beyonce(non member) 36
25/02/2009 11:03 PM
I luv u beyonce,i wil rely wnt 2 meet u 1 dae,nd
my bst wish is 2 hv u cel 4wnt no

Beyonce(non member) 37
25/02/2009 11:05 PM
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my bst wish is 2 hv u cel 4wnt no,4rm olwethu in
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LUV vanessa(non member) 38
26/02/2009 2:32 AM
eres una estupida solo por k celebridad no
kiere decir k tiene k usas maquillaje todos los
dias chica

tu tmbn as de tener tu dias
orrorossos asi k deja de odial

ok asi deja de
sel tam embidiosa chika

billkaulitz4eva(non member) 39
27/02/2009 12:03 AM
ok no offence to any1 its just that i hate her
(and no its not bcuz i love zac efron... i hate
him) but she does look kinda weird...

What wrong with it(non member) 40
01/03/2009 5:57 PM
Just because Vanessa is a star doesnt mean she has
to always look her best! Why cant she go out
without all her fancy makeup and jewlry on? she is
a normal humnan being.

fea(non member) 41
01/03/2009 7:35 PM
jjaja, q fea q es!! va siempre es fea y su familia
tambien jajajjaj

Vanessa Hudgens(non member) 42
01/03/2009 9:35 PM

melanie(non member) 43
01/03/2009 10:57 PM
vanessa siempre anda bonita pero
que raro

Autumn61396(non member) 44
01/03/2009 11:14 PM
I actually think she looks just fine without
makeup. In fact it's great that she's wanting just
to be herself. She's dressed normally, very
aproppriate, but cute for working out in a gym.
She is human...not a goddes which ppl mistake
stars for sometimes.

lkk(non member) 45
01/03/2009 11:59 PM
you call that everyday damn sexy

liz(non member) 46
02/03/2009 3:29 AM
nobody's perfect! only because she is famous
doesen't mean that she gonna be perfect or
Chanel- clothes. leave her alone

Hi(non member) 47
02/03/2009 3:08 PM
Vanessa is human, and it's really annoying that
paparazzi have to hunt all the celebrities and not
ever give them lives. "Oh, Vanessa's hair is a
little messed up. Let's put a lot of accentuation
on this.!"
It's really annoying that paparazzi
and others

Hi(non member) 48
02/03/2009 3:09 PM
don't give the celebs peaceful lives. The celebs
are normal after all.
And her mom is UGLY.

she doesn't look that bad(non member) 49
02/03/2009 4:25 PM
she just looks like a normal girl out and about if
u ask me. she doesn't look bad at all. She just
looks plain and comfortable who cares.

02/03/2009 5:41 PM
Just bcous she's a celeb doesnt meen she cant b

She looks great!(non member) 51
02/03/2009 5:42 PM
Well I think she looks far better without her
stupid make up! She looks so much younger and more
beautiful! I hate her make up because it makes her
face look kind of disrty or something!

what's the matter?(non member) 52
02/03/2009 6:26 PM
she looks not very bad...
i would say...she looks
it's okay!!!!

...(non member) 53
02/03/2009 9:28 PM
everyone can have a bad day !! even famous
and all the pictures are taken in one
day, so wjhy do they say that she is in bad

Cky297(non member) 54
03/03/2009 4:59 AM

ye i soo no(non member) 55
03/03/2009 7:34 PM
ye what she said i like too wear normal clothes
too u no
she mite never have this changes again

OMG!(non member) 56
03/03/2009 11:55 PM
Leave her alone!!
u do this just cause she's
famous !!

OK Magazine(non member) 57
09/03/2009 9:25 PM
Hmm is that Really Vanessa?

hey(non member) 58
16/03/2009 5:25 AM
vanessa looks great i dont see wat the problem
here is.... she is beautiful

vegios(non member) 59
20/03/2009 7:29 PM
i think its ok to not wear makeup everyday ok so
let her bee her self f.u.t!!!!!!!

ASEHLY(non member) 60
24/03/2009 3:40 PM

VANESSA I LOVE YOU(non member) 61
26/03/2009 10:24 AM
THE TIME ....<3

S(non member) 62
05/04/2009 7:44 PM
Why is everyone saying she looks bad? I'm sure a
lot of people look worse

Miley (non member) 63
09/04/2009 9:59 AM
Yall I gotta say that the only people making a
fuss about what she looks like is you guys!!!

VanessaH(non member) 64
09/04/2009 3:05 PM
oye Teess* nadie es perfecto vle asi q no diigas
naaH!stoy mui segura de tu eres mas fea q ella asi
k callate la boca feata

VanessaH(non member) 65
09/04/2009 3:07 PM
love vanessa and no body is perfect!and she look

.(non member) 66
11/04/2009 4:06 PM
Just because people are famous, doesn't mean they
have to wear makeup all the time. They are human.

11/04/2009 4:49 PM
I love her acting:)

She looks FINE!!!(non member) 68
11/04/2009 5:15 PM
What's wrong with you people?!? She looks very
pretty! You're probably just jealous because you
can't look that good without make-up! And
'carmen',you're ''street and ugly''.

Jordan is me(non member) 69
11/04/2009 5:54 PM
She doesnt look all that bad...she just looks a
little pail and she is probly tired...and really
its none of our business. XD

idonna(non member) 70
11/04/2009 6:24 PM
it doesn't matter how she looks. i hate how people
are always looking at celebrities all the time to
write about evry single mistake they make. people
really shouldn't do that. it's not like we don't
have bad days, too!!! member) 71
11/04/2009 9:51 PM
Some people look different without makeup. But she
looks pale. She is still pretty, so go Vanessa!

so.who.cares(non member) 72
12/04/2009 2:22 PM
u no everyone cant always look great i try 2 but
sometimes im just too run down and tired 2 do it
rite but i always make an afort but i must admit
in those pics she adlest could of brushed her hair
more!or somethin .

VanessaH(non member) 73
17/04/2009 11:26 PM
hey! vanessa look's great and all the people has a
bad or wat ever we now no body's perfect but
please don't insult vanessaH because she is a
person who can do evil so deceis, please stop
insulting vanessaH

hannah(non member) 74
18/04/2009 12:09 AM
i think she looks like a normal person i think she
look just as nice both ways , i think u guys sayin
she looks bad and that well shame on u how could u
say that , im sure she woulnt tell the world that
to u r ugly and i hate u ! i think van looks like

Finally human !(non member) 75
17/08/2009 10:03 PM
It's great to know that she's obv not bothered
about slapping on lots of makeup all the time and
that makes me more confident to go out without any
and you cant say obv she's bothered coz she knows
abovt paparazzi so if she was sooo bothered she
would hav

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