Vanessa Hudgens

14 December 1988, Salinas, California, USA
25 years

Zac Efron, Josh Hutcherson
Vanessa Hudgens used to work as a model. Loves scary movies as much as she loves the Porsche Carrera GT. Best friends with Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus. Loves Alicia Keys and Celine Dion. Her favorite singers are Alicia Keys and Céline Dion and her favorite subject in school is science. Vanessa recorded her debut album, "V", in just under two months and it has officially sold over 500,000 copies and is certified gold. When she reaches college she wants to be a business major. She met her former boyfriend Zac Efron on the set of High School Musical.
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The Tisdales Approve of Scott!

Sunday 6:18 PM, 20/09/2009
The Tisdales Approve of Scott!
Ashley Tisdale looked like a real lady when she left Bokado restaurant in Sherman Oaks after having had lunch with boyfriend Scott Speer and the entire Tisdale family! Good on Scott for already getting along so well with the family. Now that Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron have started talking about their engagement plan maybe it's your turn next Ashley?!
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Fashion Battle!

Top List: People Magazine's Best Dressed 2009!

Thursday 6:34 PM, 17/09/2009
Freida Pinto: Best use of colour Beyonce: Best street chic Taylor Swift: Best in sparkle Kim Kardashian: Best bikinis Cameron Diaz: Best jeans Reese Witherspoon: Best short dresses Nicole Richie: Best maternity style Michelle Obama: Best accessible glamour Kate Winslet: Best on the red carpet
Every year celebrity magazine People puts together a best dressed list focusing on what different celebs have been wearing throughout the year. The list is divided into different categories, like "Best on the red carpet" and "Best street style". This year some of our favourite stylistas like High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, singing diva Beyonce and actress Cameron Diaz all made the list. Check it out and vote on your favourites!


Who is your favourite stylista?

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Vanessa Hudgens Top Style Tips!

Thursday 5:07 PM, 03/09/2009
A great jacket can finish off any outfit and can take you from day to night Keep it simple, especially on the red carpet, Vanessa never over does it with accessories. Stick to what you like. The reason why Vanessa has a signature style is because she sticks to basics that she loves and knows look good. A pair of slouchy boots, skinny jeans, a cool top and a great bag A great pair of jeans. Once Vanessa finds a pair that looks good, she buys them in every colour! ALways have a back-up plan! Vanessa always takes two options for events like movie premiers, just in case. This black dress was a backup plan and in the end made it to the red carpet. Be practical like Vanessa and think of options. Make sure you are comfortable! Vanessa has found the secret to being stylish and still comfy in whatever she wears! A great pair of heels gives any outfit an extra something special, so like Vanessa, become a pro on heels! She loves to shop and so should you! Its the best way to know what's out there, but like Vanessa, never go overboard. Stick to what is appropriate, what you need, and what goes with what you have already.
High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens has a distinctive personal style, even though she is still so young! She has been working with stylist Deborah Waknin for almost 4 years already and Deborah sat down with People Magazine to discuss Vanessa's top 9 style rules. We have them here especially for you! So take the tips on the pics below to be just as stylish as Vanessa:


Do you like Vanessa's style?

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Style Tip: Snake Skin is in!

Thursday 4:52 PM, 27/08/2009
Jennifer Lopez Rachel Bilson Mariah Carey Lindsay Price Rihanna Paris Hilton Eva Longoria Jessica Simpson Mischa Barton Heidi Montag
What do you think of when you think snake skin? Don't think of the scary creatures! Instead think about the glamourous items their beautiful skins have inspired! This season snake skin print has been a must in every fashionista's wardrobe and the trend is not going anywhere for the autumn, so whether you want a whole snake skin print dress like High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, a little clutch bag like Jessica Simpson or a hot pair of heels like Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton, think snake skin print!


Who is your favourite in snake skin print?

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Ashley Greene's Surprise Guest!

Friday 2:08 PM, 21/08/2009
Ashley doing some retail therapy in Vancouver!
Cute puppy! What was Vanessa doing there?
Ashley Greene is in Vancouver, Canada shooting the new Twilight Eclipse movie and yesterday she had a little off time to explore the city and she took her cute puppy along with her for the fun! But the big surprise of the day was when Ashley met up with none other than High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens! Vanessa has denied rumours that she will appear in the Twilight movies, so what was she doing in Vancouver with Ashley, is the big question?! We can't wait to find out, watch this space!
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Latest news!

Vanessa Hudgens: " Zac and I definitely getting married!"

Monday 8:40 AM, 17/08/2009
Vanessa Hudgens: " Zac and I definitely getting married!"
The perfect couple! Good luck!
High School Musical stars Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron have been together for ages, even through Vanessa's nude photo scandals and rumours of Zac's flirtations with other stars like Megan Fox! So the natural step for these 21 year olds, they feel is to take their relationship to the next level! Vanessa announced this weekend (officially for the first time!) that the two will definitely be tying the knot soon, but they want to keep the date a secret for as long as possible in case their crazy schedules force them to change the dates. Wow that is sure to be one huge Hollywood bonanza of an affair! (Source: NOFTW)
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