Vanessa Hudgens

14 December 1988, Salinas, California, USA
25 years

Zac Efron, Josh Hutcherson
Vanessa Hudgens used to work as a model. Loves scary movies as much as she loves the Porsche Carrera GT. Best friends with Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus. Loves Alicia Keys and Celine Dion. Her favorite singers are Alicia Keys and Céline Dion and her favorite subject in school is science. Vanessa recorded her debut album, "V", in just under two months and it has officially sold over 500,000 copies and is certified gold. When she reaches college she wants to be a business major. She met her former boyfriend Zac Efron on the set of High School Musical.
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Zac Efron Solo At Latest Premiere - AGAIN!

Tuesday 6:36 PM, 24/11/2009
Zac Efron Solo At Latest Premiere - AGAIN!
Designer Zac Posen was there Lydia Hearst Zac's co-star Claire Danes Model Amber Rose Madeleine Martin
Ok we are really getting suspicious now! Zac Efron has a new movie out Me and Orson Welles, and has been busily travelling all over promoting it. During this whole time, his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens has been nowhere to be seen and we mean it, nowhere! The two keep denying that they have broken up and are still very much together, but we what we can't understand is why this previously inseperable couple are suddenly just not making any public appearances together? Tell us the truth Zac, are you single again?!
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Style Tip: Everyone's Wearing Braided Ponytails!

Monday 3:54 PM, 09/11/2009
Blake Lively looked like a real screen godess in this dramatic high ponytail braid! If you don't have long hair, you could always braid in a hair piece on your ponytail, just like Paris Hilton! The Classic school girl low ponytail braid gives Kate Hudson a fresh young look that is still elegant! Nobody does funky boho chic like Vanessa Hudgens. This side ponytail loose braid looks amazing with a headband and a side-parting! Diane Kruger keeps it neat and tidy with a side ponytail braid too! Decorate your braids with ribbons just like Fergie did here on stage, really something extra special! Ashley Tisdale looks relaxed and casual and pretty as always in her messy ponytail braid! Trust Jennifer Lopez to create high drama with her sleak ponytail braid. A great way to cover your elastic band is to wrap a piece of hair around it and pin it back!
Some of our favourite celebrities of the moment have been wearing a really gorgeious hair trend lately! Gossip Girl star Blake Lively has rocked a high ponytail braid, Fergie has made the ponytail braid her signature look while on tour with her band the Black Eyed Peas this year and Jennifer Lopez often wears one to for a dramatic effect. The great thing about this hairdo is that anyone can do it, its so simple! Here are some different styles we could all try:


Which is your favourite ponytail look?

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Style Tip: Ballerina Buns!

Wednesday 5:09 PM, 04/11/2009
Evan Rachel Wood Hayden Panettiere Jessica Alba Penelope Cruz Sienna Miller Vanessa Hudgens Heidi Klum Eva Mendes Naomi Watts Kirsten Dunst
Whether you are having a bad hair day or if you are in need of a quick and elegant style for a party or at work. The ballerina bun is a classic style that anyone can do in minutes! It was a huge hit on the runways this season and so of course many celebrities are wearing it too! Whether you decide to wear it sleak and simple like Charlize Theron, on the top of your head like Vanessa Hudgens or messily like Kirsten Dunst and Sienna Miller, you are sure to be a hit!


Will you be wearing the ballerina bun?

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Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale Play Catch-Up!

Tuesday 7:59 PM, 03/11/2009
After the gym outing
They both look as cute as usual!
If Zac Efron's girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens wasn't such good friends with Ashley Tisdale, we would really be suspicious of this cosy outing! We spotted High School Musical stars Zac and Ashley visiting a gym together in Studio City, Hollywood. The two old friends also enjoyed some lunch together later and it looked like they had a great time catching up. So much has happened to both of them since their High School Musical days, there must have been so many stories to tell!
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Style Tips: What's Hot and Not This Fall!

Tuesday 6:37 PM, 13/10/2009
Jessica Alba shows off her perfectly ripped jeans and Miley shows why everyone is tired of their liquid leggings! Kate Moss is a trendsetter in loafer shoes, while Amy Winehouse is off-trend with her ballet flats. Don't buy another boring black coat like Vanessa Hudgens this Fall, go bright and bold like Katherine Heigl Sparkly one-sleeve dresses are so hot right now, wear yours like Taylor Swift and don't hang on to your flowy summer dresses. Taylor Momsen herself has dropped that style! Be Posh and wear thigh high boots and put those cowboy boots away Hilary Duff!
Every season new trends come into fashion and old favourites go out of style. This Fall their are some major changes and cool additions to what is hot. Make sure like Beyonce,Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham you are on top of the best trends and don't get left behind like Amy Winehouse and Cameron Diaz! Click on the pictures to see which trends are hot and which are not and why! Vote for your favourite Fall 2009 trend too!


What is your favourite Fall trend?

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LAX: The Biggest Celebrity Hotspot Of All!

Monday 7:44 PM, 28/09/2009
Chace Crawford Mark Wahlberg Lauren Conrad Hugh Grant Blake Lively Nadine Coyle Anastacia Vanessa Minnillo Taylor Lautner
Part of being in showbiz means a whole lot of travelling! Just ask the stars! They have to travel all around doing shows, promoting movies and of course filming videos, TV shows and movies! That is why LAX is always teaming with celebs and this weekend there were some super hot right now stars coming and going out of Los Angeles' most famous airport! We spotted High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, Gossip Girl actors Chace Crawford and Blake Lively, British actor Hugh Grant and even Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner, all in varying states of travel mode just in a few hours of each other!
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