Usher is going to be a father again!

Wednesday 10:02 AM, 10/09/2008
Usher is going to be a father again!

Yeah, I'm going to have a baby

Yeah, I'm going to have a baby

The R&B star Usher and his wife Tameka Foster are expecting their second child together, according to People. The couple welcomed their first child, Usher Raymond V, in November 2007 and Usher has spoken publicly about how much he loves being a dad. "I'm so proud to be a father by the time I'm 30, I'd hate to be 80 years old and not be able to run with my kids. I need to still be able to do flips when they're in high school!"
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hihhi(non member) 1
15/09/2008 8:42 PM
hoho, haha

hi222(non member) 2
14/12/2008 12:49 PM
selam bn stardoldan dedemgermaa

rose1881(non member) 3
14/12/2008 3:33 PM
Go Usher having a new baby his a father of two

That is special(non member) 4
16/12/2008 12:01 AM
OMG that is so astonishing!! I am so happy when
kids come into the world(:

Lucky you!!!(non member) 5
18/02/2009 2:09 AM
that's good!!

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