Ugly Betty

September 28, 2006
Comedy, Drama
36 wins (2 Golden Globes) and 66 nominations
Ugly Betty follows the smart and hard working Betty Suarez who is working at the ultra-chic fashion magazine Mode. All the other coworkers are the opposite of Betty - thin. beautiful and trendy. Betty is the secretary of the publisher´s son David - a real womanizer. The set of Ugly Betty is New York.
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Ugly Betty

Actor: Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) / Amanda Tanen (Becki Newton) / Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius) / Alexis Meade (Rebecca Romijn) / Sofia Reyes (Salma Hayek) / Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams)

Ugly Betty-special: The Spotlight on Wilhelmina!

Thursday 4:01 PM, 15/04/2010
Who can forget this classic crazy time when Wilhelmina's surgery went all wrong! She wears the latest trends even though she's not a 20 year old fashionista anymore! Strong colours are her signature style! Sexy in black! Sometimes she and Michael Urie matched their outfits, love it! Neon! She loves dresses with special cuts! Its all about the decollatage! The famous wedding dress! Gold! Luxurious Wilhelmina World! Sexy little black number! Do you love the cloche hat on her? Or is it a bit old fashioned? If crazy patterns are in style, Wilhelmina's wearing them! Sexy Baseball lady! Elegant! A ghost in the shower?! Leopard! We love it! She will do anything for beauty! We love her in red!
We love Vanessa Williams' evil character in Ugly Betty, Wilhelmina Slater! She is the ultimate wicked witch with her arched eyebrows and sharp style! She is totally obsessed with fashion and her character is often doing the craziest things in the name of being beautiful and ageless! Take a look at some of her best moments from the show!
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Ugly Betty Special: Amanda's Sexy Outfits!

Tuesday 5:20 PM, 13/04/2010
Wow, she doesn't wear black often, but she looks amazing in it! Rocking a luxury look! Dramatic with the updo, the dark lips and the fur! Sexy in metallic gold! Black and Cerise, how hot can you get?! America Ferrera, Michael Urie and Becki Newton in character. Amanda obviously looks the coolest! Stop in the name of fashion! Sexy secretarty in fur alert! Remember when the horsey look was in - she definitely made it look saucy! We think this sparkly dress was totally fantastic! Classic and arty! Wow and she can dance too! What an outfit! She even looks amazing in beige! Oooh poor Betty looks like a scared school girl next to Amanda's sizzling look! She loves the gold and that bustier is hot hot hot! Colourful friends!
As fans all know by now, the last few episodes of hit TV series Ugly Betty are showing right now. We think its really sad and silly that such a great show is coming to an end and we will miss it very much, especially all the amazing fashion!

So this week we continue our Ugly Betty Special with a look at sexy secretary Amanda's (played by Becki Newton) hottest looks. Would you ever dare wear some of her looks?!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 1:06 PM, 12/04/2010
8. Ooh another cut-out victim! This look almost never works and with those knee-high boots Ginnifer Goodwin has made herself look really short and squat! Fail! 7. Another fashion risk gone wrong for Whitney Port! We don't love her hair up in a bun like this and this dress looks more like a costume from some kind of theme party than an a chic evening look! 6. Ooops! Mischa Barton showed up to the Nylon Magazine party last week wearing this gold outfit with her clashing white heels! She looked so spaced out on the red carpet, the rumours are flying she is using again. Trashed is never a hot a look Mischa! 5. Ok so maybe its trendy right now, but that doesn't mean we have to love it on Leighton Meester. This Giambattista Valli dress with the fringed back just didn't do it for us! 4. As if it wasn't enough that Rachel Bilson showed up on the red carpet in a white bra dress, she also wore all white accessories - we don't like! 3. Okay so Meryl Streep is not exactly known as a total style star, but we think this is a specially unflattering look for her! The colours wash her face out too much and the top totally hides her great body! 2. We can't tell if this is America Ferrera as herself or as her character Ugly Betty, both ladies have been known to choose some pretty crazy outfits and this one is no exception! 1. It looks like Jordan aka Katie Price has been raiding her baby daughter's wardrobe! At a promotion tour for her new book, Katie wore this ridiculously tight and silly look. We really really really hate those pink Uggs!
This week hasn't disappointed with the bad fashion choices! There were a few surprises for us, Michelle Trachtenberg, Whitney Port, Rachel Bilson and Leighton Meester are usually on the best dressed list, but they all had a really crazy week when it came to style! Take a look!


Who was worst?

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Ugly Betty special: Betty's Best Outfits!

Thursday 5:00 PM, 08/04/2010
What do you think about this combination? Turquoise and check? Red is Betty's favourite colour! Even her glasses are red! In the latest season Betty has a makeover and her style becomes more classic - how sad! What a special top! She loves her crazy pattern print-dresses! Wow! Style Police! The white is actually not bad! She loves detail when it comes to her jackets! Whoa! Colour Shock! Ummm yes well... The classic Betty poncho! Sweet! We actually love this hat! Why not put everything on at once? Remember this?! OOohhh puffy sleeves and polka dots with a cherry brooch! Ew! Ugly Betty the french maid? Lots of different colour tones are a Betty favourite! The fairy princess look! Baseball Betty! Floral prints are also a huge favourite and dont forget the yellow socks! A more sexy Betty? Oi! Eyepatches are trendy right? Not!
Who doesn't love America Ferrera's character in Ugly Betty? Well we love her anyway! Over the seasons we have seen one crazy, clashing cool. outrageous outfit after the other on Betty. Now that Betty is coming to an end this season and the last episode has already been filmed, we thought we would do an Ugly Betty special. Starting of course with Betty's crazy wardrobe! Enjoy!
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Ugly Betty's Last Episode!

Tuesday 7:26 AM, 06/04/2010
Ivy Sherman and Eric Mabius America Ferrera Ivy Sherman and Eric Mabius America Ferrera and Eric Mabius
As you already know ABC has decided to cancel their hit TV show 'Ugly Betty' so America Ferrera, Eric Mabius and the rest of the cast are now busy filming the last episodes! We spotted them in Trafalgar Square in London, England yesterday filming scenes for the final episode so obviously the show will finish in England! Exciting!
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Fashion Battle!

This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 5:36 PM, 28/03/2010
8. Is Emma Watson trying too hard to be a fashionista? Too many trends in one dress, lace, metallic flowers and leather! Tone it down Emma, we already love your style, you don't have to go crazy to make a fashion statement! 7. Something is really off about this outfit on Whitney Port. We can't quite figure out if its the cut, the colour, the hair or what, it just doesn't work for her at all! 6. Its been a bad few weeks for Jennifer Love Hewitt and her fashion choices! She still hasn't changed that unflattering hairdo and this dress is not flattering for her pear shape. Way too sparkly and not enough chic! 5. What is Tina Fey wearing? We know she is  a comedienne, but really? Bright yellow plastic boots and a stiff formal jacket? We just dont get it! 4. When is Janet Jackson going to break out of the 80's fashion rut she is in? She is always wearing the same outfit! The jacket with the big shoulders, the belted waiste and the wide pants. Its over already Janet! 3. Katherine Heigl's bright red satin dress was a little bit too cute and sweet for our tast on the red carpet, but then the fit was so bad on her bustline that the whole dress came apart while she was on stage. No excuse, fail! 2. Another case of bad fit! Its never okay to bust out of your dress like this, as Jane Goldman did at a premiere in London this week. We can also see her breast padding! Not pretty! 1. No this is not America Ferrera dressed as her character Ugly Betty, its just America in a hideous outfit! This makes her look like a much older, less stylish lady, we have no idea what she was thinking when she decided to put this on!
Sometimes the stars seem to get dressed in the dark! We don't get why they make the fashion choices they do, especially when the clothes are totally unflattering or don't even fit properly! Here are this week's worst fashion fails!


Who was your worst?

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