Tyra Banks Engaged?!

Monday 7:35 AM, 31/08/2009
Tyra Banks Engaged?!

Is supermodel Tyra Banks engaged?! The former Victoria's Secret model and Top Model host left Little Next Door restaurant yesterday afternoon with something resembling an engagement ring on her left hand! With her at the restaurant was boyfriend John Utendahl and her entire family! Do we hear wedding bells?!


Is Tyra Banks engaged?!

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lol(non member) 1
01/09/2009 12:04 AM
lol that rock is about the size of my fist

omg(non member) 2
01/09/2009 2:35 AM

takiki(non member) 3
01/09/2009 9:50 PM
what da heck

omg(non member) 4
02/09/2009 9:04 PM
that rock is the same size as my engagement rock

KimbieX(non member) 5
03/09/2009 7:24 AM
If you don't have something better to do, you
could always keep up with celebrity gossip ? like
this whole thing over whether Tyra Banks is
engaged or not. Tyra Banks herself denied it ?
she isn't engaged to boyfriend John Utendahl, and
on her Twitter pa

misssydonie(non member) 6
03/09/2009 10:04 PM
a whad di hell mi neva know sa she engage

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