Twilight Actor Cuffed And Dragged Away By Police At LAX Airport!

Tuesday 5:23 PM, 25/12/2012

Bronson Pelletier, Twilight actor, was cuffed and dragged away by police at LAX this week - which was due to him urinating in the middle of the terminal! Pelletier, who played a member of the Wolf Pack in the Twilight series, was publicly intoxicated on Monday, after that the airport employees claimed that the actor - in a drunk condition - pulled his pants down to have a whiz by his gate.

Well, nevertheless, the Twilight actor claims that he's innocent and insists that he's been falsely accused, and that no public peeing ever took place. Hmm, we're not too sure if we believe Bronson, as TMZ released footage that proves the happening to be true... Embarrassing! (tmz)

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