New True Blood Cast Member Revealed!

Scott Foley blue shirt green tie sexy true blood
Oh yay, this is super exciting! Scott Foley is going to join the cast of True Blood! Scott is best known for his role on the 90s TV show, Felicity, and more recently he guest starred as Henry on Grey's Anatomy. Scott will continue to work on Grey's but will also star as Patrick, an old army buddy of Terry's on True Blood. We think Scott will make a perfect addition to the cast, he adds just the right amount of sexiness! What do you guys think? (tvline)
Scott Foley black suit pink shirt
Scott is super handsome!
Scott Foley lei short brown hair smile
Scott is super handsome!
Scott Foley hazel eyes
Scott is super handsome!
Scott Foley grey sweater shirt underneath
Can't wait to see Scott on True Blood!
Scott Foley grey sweater jeans sexy
Can't wait to see Scott on True Blood!
Published Jun 22 2011 8:47 AM
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