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Alexander Skarsgård and Kate Bosworth Still Together!

Friday 10:26 AM, 08/10/2010
Hot couple!
Despite rumors of cheating and dumping, True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard and cutie Katie Bosworth are still going strong and we have seen the proof! The two of them were out last night at the Wiltern theatre and even though they were trying hard not to be photographed together and did a good job staying about 10 steps apart so that they couldn't be snapped in the same frame, they drove off in the same car. There was no cuddling or anything, but you if you watch Kate's face you can see she is proud to be seen with her man again. Take a look! (Source: X17)

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Top List - Next Generation Hollywood Hunks!

Tuesday 7:12 AM, 21/09/2010
2. Mark Salling. Age: 27. Dating status: He says he is single even though he has been caught with co-star Naya Rivera in his trailer! What you saw him in first: Glee season 1 where he plays sexy Puck. See him next: Glee season 2. 3. Ian Soderhalder. Age:31. Dating Status: He used to be with Twilight star Ashley Greene, but rumor is he now with co-star Nina Dobrev! Where you saw him first: Vampire Diaries where he plays hot vampire Damon. See him next: A horror movie called "Cradlewood". 4. Channing Tatum. Age: 30. Dating status: sorry girls he is married to his Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan. What you saw him in first: Step Up or Dear John. See him next: "The Eagle of the Ninth" out in cinemas now! 5. James Franco. Age: 32. Dating status: Single and beware, we hear he has some strange habits...Where you saw him first: Freaks and Geeks or Spiderman. See him next: Eat, Pray,Love if you haven't already! 6. Tom Hardy. Age:32 Dating Status: currently dating fellow Brit. Charlotte Riley, but good news all, we hear he like girls and boys! What you saw him in first: Inception, See him next: "Warrior" and get this, Twilight's Kellan Lutz will be co-starring - wow! 7. Alexander Skarsgård. Age 33. Dating status: Its rumored that his summer romance with Kate Bosworth is on the rocks, so he might be looking! What you saw him in first: True Blood. See him next: Swedish fans: "Puss" and next year see the movie that brought him and Kate together "Straw Dogs". 8. Cory Monteith. Age: 28. Dating status: Single, even though he has been spotted out with Taylor Swift. Where you saw him first: Glee where he plays cute quarterback, Finn See him next:  a new film called "Breaking The Girl". 9. David Gandy. Age: 30. Dating status: in our dreams he is single. Where you saw him first: THAT Dolce & Gabbana perfume ad! See him next: Watch out for him on runway pictures from the recent Fashion Weeks and we hear he wants to try out is acting skills soon too. 10. Aaron Johnson. Age: 20. Dating status: He is engaged to 43-year-old film maker Sam Taylor-Wood and the couple have a little girl(!). What you saw him in first: He stole your heart in "Kick-Ass". See him next: British-Japanese drama "Chatroom".
The women of the world have voted and these are the hottest new faces in Hollywood right now! Are you sick of Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson and Johnny Depp? Well we have some smoking hot and talented fresh new faces for you to enjoy! You might know some of them already and the good news is we are going to tell you where you can catch their latest work too! Many of these guys are not married yet either and the good news is ladies, they might not be too famous to date you! Enjoy our list of Hollywood's up and coming hunks!
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Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Married!

Sunday 6:13 PM, 22/08/2010
True Blodd stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer were married in an intimate ceremony at a private residence in Malibu on Saturday, a year after they got engaged. The couple, who met on the set of the popular vampire TV show, tied the knot in front of a host of celebrity friends, including Elijah Wood, Lost star Michael Emerson and their cast mate Carrie Preston. Congratulations!
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True Blood's Dirty Sexy Rolling Stone Cover!

Wednesday 12:51 PM, 18/08/2010
Anna as Sookie and Alexander as Eric Stephen as Vampire Bill in action!
Are you a huge True Blood fans like everybody else right now? Well then you are going to love the latest cover of Rolling Stone Magazine! The love triangle between Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer's characters in the series is played out on the cover, as all three stars get naked and covered in blood! Wow, how hot are they?! The stars have interviews inside the magazine too, where they talk about all the steamy sex scenes in the series and why they think the whole world seems to be obsessed with vampires right now, read more about that here)
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Rihanna & Alexander Skarsgård In Movie Together!

Tuesday 8:55 AM, 27/07/2010
She will make a fab scifi star! He is such a hunk!
Hotness alert! It has just been offiicially announced that Rihanna will make her feature film debut and its a Sci-Fi action movie with True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard! Can you imagine how sizzzling those two will be on one screen together?!

The movie is called Battleship and is kind of inspired by the boardgame Battleship that we all played as kids, where you have to attack a fleet of ships, but you can't see where they are, so you have to it will be exciting action stuff! Don't know about you, but we can't wait to see both Rihanna and Alexander in tight, sci-fi battle outfits! (Source: Variety )
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Alexander Skarsgard: "I Love Being Naked!"

Wednesday 10:10 AM, 30/06/2010
Sweden's hottest export, Alexander Skarsgard, is on the fast track to becoming one of Hollywood's most popular young actors thanks to his role as Eric Northman on the hit tv-series 'True Blood'. The tall Swede who is (was?) rumored to be dating fellow actress Kate Bosworth has also gotten a lot of attention for his appearance in Lady Gaga's music video 'Paparazzi' and says that he would be more than happy to appear in any other music videos that come his way. In a recent interview with Popeater he talks about his love of punk rock band Ebba Grön and his Swedish heritage which, he says, is the reason why he doesn't mind nudity on film. In his words: "I love to be naked". Glad to hear it Alexander. (Source: Popeater)
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