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Actor: Anna Paquin / Alexander Skarsgard

We Can't Bloody Wait!

Wednesday 3:14 PM, 22/06/2011
Deborah Ann Woll aka Jessica looks so amazing! We love this dress on Rutina Wesley! Sam Trammell and his gf, Missy Trammell- they're expecting twins! Oh we love you Ryan Kwanten! Kristin Bauer plays the awesome vampire, Pam. No idea why Evan is wearing this... menswear gone wrong! Joe Manganiello, please take us out to dinner! We think Anna Paquin is so pretty but we really hate those weird, glittery, purple things on her dress. Carrie Preston and her hubby, Michael Emerson (he played Benjamin Linus on LOST!)
Season Four of True Blood premieres this Sunday and we're so excited! Oh it's going to be so good! Here's are some photos from the premiere, doesn't Joe Manganiello look amazing?
But we'll be honest, we aren't really sure why Evan Rachel Wood is dressed the way she is or why Anna Paquin has those weird sparkly pipe-cleaners on her's just not working... Anyways! We can't wait till Sunday!
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New True Blood Cast Member Revealed!

Wednesday 8:47 AM, 22/06/2011
Scott is super handsome! Can't wait to see Scott on True Blood!
Oh yay, this is super exciting! Scott Foley is going to join the cast of True Blood! Scott is best known for his role on the 90s TV show, Felicity,...READ MORE ▶
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Sexy Celeb of the Week: Ryan Kwanten!

Friday 9:06 PM, 10/06/2011
Ryan Kwanten looks casual but still hot! Cute! We just love Ryan's smile! We like him in hat and sunglasses, but less clothes!? Just the way we like him! Hot and sweaty! Nice arms Ryan! Oh so cute! All dressed-up and very handsome!
True Blood is getting hotter and hotter and so is Ryan Kwanten! We love his British accent, we love his cute charisma and most of all…we love his sexy abs! Mmm! Ryan has this really cute sexy combo going on and we just adore that! Can’t wait until we can drool over his trimmed body when season 4 of True Blood is out.
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More True Blood Spoilers!

Thursday 12:26 PM, 09/06/2011
Only a few more weeks till True Blood Season Four! We showed you guys the first three minutes of the first episode and now we have a bit more to share! Check it out.

And because we like you guys so much here's some fun behind the scenes footage. Isn't Ryan Kwanten's accent dreamy?
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The Sexy Men of True Blood!

Tuesday 3:12 PM, 31/05/2011
You know we love you guys. And you know that we love True Blood. And we know that you love True Blood. So we thought we'd give you guys a present. ...READ MORE ▶
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Spoiler Alert! First Minutes of True Blood Season Four!

Monday 3:45 PM, 30/05/2011
And a shirtless photo of Jason because ummm, WOAH! Bill looking seriously seductive. Aw, remember Tara and Eggs?! Jessica and Bill. Don't you guys think Jessica is super pretty? We have a crush on Sam too!
OMG! Get ready you guys! The first three minutes of True Blood Season Four just leaked and all we can say is: awesome. So if you want some spoilers...READ MORE ▶
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