Trey Songz

28 November 1984, Petersburg, Virginia, USA
30 years

Trey Songz is an American singer, producer and actor. His debut album "I Gotta Make It" was released in 2005.
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Hot Guy Friday! We Present To You... Trey Songz!

Friday 3:16 PM, 27/07/2012
Trey grew up in Petersburg, Virginia - same state as Chris Brown, David Arquette and Missy Elliot! Trey's debut album "I Gotta Make It"  was released in 2005. As a child Trey was very shy and unsure of himself. He has said in interviews that "Singing wasn't a reality for me, until other people started noticing I sounded good." Aww you really do, Trey! The lead single from the album, "I Need a Girl", was released in April 2009 and reached #5 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart. Hot stuff! Trey has many tattoos all over his hot body, the one on his chest says "To God I Pray May April's Showers Rain Down On Her Forrest And Grow The Strenght That Started With One Rose". April is his mother's name, Forrest is his little brother's name and Rose is his grandma's name!
Trey was born in November 28 1984. Trey plays the keyboards - but not on stage! Trey did an "answer track" to R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet", entitled "Open the Closet".
Watch out, for it is hot guy Friday! Today we take a good look at 27-year-old r'n'b singer Tremaine Aldon Neverson, better known by his stage name - Trey Songz! Trey has melted many hearts with his languorous love songs but he has also rised the temperature in nightclubs with his upbeat party starters! Trey's fifth full length album is set to be released by the end of next month. Are you like us anxious to hear it? Let's all rest our eyes on these super hot snapshots in the meantime - click on the pics to watch them all!
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The $18 million song!

Tuesday 5:26 PM, 08/02/2011
Nicki Minaj! An expensive song if you don't win!
The R&B star Trey Songz has been sued for $18 million! Head of production company Dov Mob Records alleges they hired producer Milton James to produce the original of Trey Songzs song "Bottoms Up" and that they own the copyright. Later Milton James collaborated with Keane Beatz another producer, for "Bottoms up". The song was later released by Songz and Nicki Minaj last year.

On behalf of Doc Mob Records, executive Derrick Price and IHip Hop Music the lawsuit was filed in New York recently. This because they claim that "Bottoms Up" was on Songzs hit album Passion, Pain and Pleasure but only listed Kane Beatz as producer. What a mess huh? $18 million, that is no small change exactly. We'll see how it goes! Below, you can listen to the track with Nicki. (WENN)
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